Daily Current Affairs: Human Development Index 2022 Important Questions For Upcoming Exam Target

Exam Target Daily Current Affairs:

Total Countries : 191

Topped by : Switzerland

India's Rank :132 (last year 131st)

Last place : South Sudan

UNDP published Human Development Report (HDR) since 1990


IN HDR five Index are published now

 (1) Human Development Index (HDI) since 1990

(2) Inequality adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI) since 2010

(3) Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) since 2010

(4) Gender Inequality Index (GII) since 2010

(5)  Gender related Development Index (GDI) since 2014

 HDI is based on three dimensions

(1) Health

(2) Education

(3) Standard of Living

These Three dimensions Divided into four indicators

(1) Life expectancy at birth

(2) Expected years of schooling

(3) Mean years of schooling

(4) Gross national income (GNI)

 HDI index is calculated by  Geomatric mean (GM) of three dimension  Index 

(1) Life Expentancy Index

(2) Education Index

(3) Gross National Income Index

(1) 2022 HDI Value in India  0.633

(2) 2022 HDI Value in World 0.732

(3) HDI value ranges from 0 to 1

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