Recently Release International Index And India Rank

Exam Target Daily Current affairs:

Recent index

📉CFS Global Pension Index 2022: India ranked 41st; topped by Iceland

📉Global Hunger Index 2022; India ranked 107th out of 121 countries

📉Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index 2022: India ranked 123; topped by Norway

📉Global Crypto Adoption Index 2022 – India ranked 4th; topped by Vietnam

📉Human Development Index 2021 – India ranked 132; topped by Switzerland

📉Henley Passport Index 2022 – India ranked 87th; topped by Japan  

GK Extra Knowledge Revision:

Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

⚙Founded – 1 April 1935
⚙RBI Nationalized– 1 January 1949
⚙Headquarters– Mumbai, Maharashtra
⚙RBI set up –Hilton Young Commission
⚙1st Governor –Sir Osborne Smith (Australia)
⚙1st Indian Governor –CD Deshmukh
⚙25th Governor– Shaktikanta Das
⚙RBI Deputy Governor(4)
⚙1 Tavarna Rabi Sankar
⚙2 Mukesh Kumar Jain
⚙3 Michael D Patra
⚙4 M Rajeshwar Rao
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