FCI AG III Shift 1GA Questions 21 January 2023

1. Which of the following City is known as the City of Joy? Kolkata.

2. Cotton/Jute/Coir are? Plant source.

3. Which is Boneless animal? Jellyfish.

4. Litmus paper colour in water? Does not show any colour.

5. A 'Think-20' meeting under the G20 will begin in which summit? Bhopal Summit.

6. Which Indian Company did the tie-up with famous football club Manchester City? Jio.

7. Ram Krishan Mission was established by? Swami Vivekananda (1890).

8. Which of the central scheme provide the 100 days guaranteed work? MGNREGA.

9. The Central govt has changed the named of the scheme for distributing free ration under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) for a period of one year till December 2023 as? Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Ann Yojana (PMGKAY).

10. Which of the following state have the Lowest infant mortality in India? Kerala.

11. What is the Number of ribs in the chest of human body? 24.

12. First train in India was ran between Mumbai to which city ? Thane.

13. Which of the following planet have 83 moons now? Saturn.

14. Which of the following has been awarded the Platinum Award for Excellence in Digital e-Governance? E-nam.

15. Vasco da Gama came to which port first? Calicut.

16. Rowlett satyagraha was started in which year? April 6, 1919.

17. What is the full form of MRP ? Maximum Retail Prize.

18. When was second battle of Panipat was Faught? 1556.

19. What is the new name of PM Antyodaya Yojana? Rashtriye Sehri Ajivika Mission.

20. Which of the following tax was imposed by Marathas? Chauth and Sardeshmukhi.

21. Which of the following book is related to Kalidas? Meghdootam, Kumarsambhavam, Raghuvansham, Malvikagnimitram.
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