Biography of cricketer Ishan Kishan, IPL 2024 latest news

Biography of cricketer Ishan Kishan, IPL 2024 latest news, where is he from , biography, wife , house , height , age , double century ( Ishan Kishan Biography in Hindi ) ( Cricketer , Age , GF , Stats , Height , IPL 2024 Team , Wife , Birthday , Latest News )

Such players do not need anyone's introduction because the greatest players are recognized by their greatest exploits and they have kept their names on people's lips by performing well in T-20, One Day, Test matches. Who does not know Ishan Kishan, the rising star of the cricket world? His name remains on the lips of cricket lovers. Currently, T20 match is going on with Australia in which Ishan Kishan has batted brilliantly and he is not dependent on his identity because the name Ishan Kishan has become a big name in the cricket world. Through our article you will get some interesting facts about Ishan Kishan and further detailed description about his career.

Biography of cricketer Ishan Kishan, IPL 2024 latest news

Biography of cricketer Ishan Kishan

  • Full Name Ishaan Kishan Pandey
  • occupation Indian cricketer
  • Birth July 18, 1998
  • father's name Pranav Pandey
  • Education do not know
  • School do not know
  • College do not know
  • batting style left handed batsman
  • Roll wicketkeeper batsman
  • Caste Brahmin
  • Religion Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma)
  • marital status Single
  • Property (estimated) 10 crore+

Who is Ishan Kishan, Birth, Age, Education (Ishan Kishan Birthday, Age, Education)

Who does not know left-handed batsman Ishan Kishan? If we talk about his birth, he was born in a city named Nawada in Nalanda district of Bihar state. He was born on 18 July 1998. Ishan Kishan got his primary education in his city itself and completed his schooling from there and after that he started his cricket career from there and started growing further in the game.

Ishaan Kishan's family

If we talk about Ishan Kishan's family, his father lived in a small village, after which he came to Patna and started working as a builder there and by keeping Ishan Kishan along with him, he developed his interest in cricket. Due to not letting it go to waste, he was admitted to the stadium. Ishan Kishan's father's name is Pranab Pandey and his mother is also a grandmother. There are work related to medicine in the family, which grandmother and her parents also started doing together. Are. Grandmothers feel very proud to see their grandchildren in the cricket stadium or field.

Ishaan Kishan's choice

  • Kishan likes to open the batting very much and when he opens, he tries to finish the match with good performance.
  • Kishan is a wicket-keeper batsman and he likes wicket-keeping very much and likes to guide the bowler from behind.
  • If we talk about what Ishaan Kishan likes to eat, then it has been seen that mostly Ishaan Kishan eats everything, although Kishan ji likes the Bihari dish Litti Chokha very much.

Ishan Kishan Cricket Career Start (Ishan Kishan Cricket Career)

He started his cricket career watching Dhoni and he also wanted to become a wicketkeeper batsman like Dhoni, who has become one now and also gives a good performance and he also considers MS Dhoni as his idol. Ishan Kishan is fond of his domestic cricket Jharkhand. Play on behalf of. Ishan Kishan also had a dream to gain fame by becoming a wicket-keeper batsman like MS Dhoni. Ishan Kishan has a deep connection with Aurangabad district because if we talk about his ancestral home, he is from there.

Ishan Kishan's inclination towards cricket

Due to Ishan Kishan not being interested in studies, he started focusing on his career as cricket and he chose cricket as his career. Now let's talk about how his interest in cricket increased when he was young. When he was a child, he used to go here and there to play cricket and his parents started looking for him. Seeing this trend, his father recruited him in the cricket ground and got him involved in cricket. Cricket is the most watched game in the country and abroad after football. This game is very popular in the world.

Ishan Kishan's domestic cricket career

  • Kishan was also selected in Under 16 in 2008-9, which started his career and progressed further. Here he performed well and started trying to spread his name among the people.
  • Ishan Kishan is a first-class cricketer who plays with explosive batting for Jharkhand.
  • In 2016, he was made the captain of this team in the Under-19 match and took command of the team and performed well.
  • Since 2018, he also plays IPL matches on behalf of Mumbai Indians. His performance there too has been respectable.

Ishan Kishan's IPL career

  • Ishan Kishan started his career with Gujarat Lions in 2016 and played cricket matches with this team till 17.
  • After performing well, he was bought by Mumbai Indian in 2018 and since then he plays for Mumbai Indian.
  • Ishan Kishan does the opening betting for Mumbai India with Rohit Sharma and tries his best to keep his cricket fans happy with his betting.
  • Ishan Kishan's performance on behalf of Mumbai Indians has contributed to his good performance in batting and wicket-keeping.
  • In 2018, when Mumbai Indians bought him, he made a name for himself by scoring a half-century against Kolkata Night Riders in 18 balls.
  • Ishan Kishan was bought by Mumbai Indians for Rs 15.25 crore in the 2022 Indian Premier League.

Ishan Kishan's one-day cricket career

Talking about Kishan's one-day cricket career, there has been nothing special because even if he has been selected, he has got very few opportunities to play, like the recent World Cup of 2023. Ishan Kishan was selected in that too but he could play only one or two matches and after that he remained sitting in the dressing room. He has played only four ODI matches which include two 50s.

Ishan Kishan's property

Talking about Kishan's property, his ancestral home is from Aurangabad district and he came to Patna and started living. His father is a builder. If seen, his family is a business related family and he also has good ancestral property. If we talk about Ishan Kishan's own wealth, then it is estimated to be around Rs 10 crores. There is no exact information about their assets.

Ishan Kishan IPL 2024 Team Latest News

Kishan has become a topic of discussion recently because in the match between India and Australia after the World Cup, our young team has performed well and defeated Australia twice and this is also a fact. That now the auction for IPL has been started in which Mumbai Indians have again retained Ishan Kishan and Hardik Pandya, who was playing matches for Gujarat, also joined Mumbai Indians, who is a very good friend of Kishan. Even though there is a huge age gap between them, they continue to support each other in the cricket team.


In the end, we want to say about Ishan Kishan that this left-handed batsman reminds us of respected Sourav Ganguly because he has all the batting skills that a batsman should have and also does wicket-keeping very well. He is a short player but his name is not short. Through his IPL and Under 19 matches and Under 16 matches, he has told everyone about himself and the name of the person Ishaan Kishan is.

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