How to earn money sitting at home | Ghar baithe paise kaise kamaye 2023

The biggest problem today is money. If there is no money, life comes to a standstill and we often hear that earning money is not easy, but is it true? Yes, it is not easy but is it impossible? Nothing is impossible, it is definitely difficult, but what can be achieved easily.

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How to earn money sitting at home

Well, this is true, to earn money, people in small towns have to leave their homes and sometimes it becomes very difficult for some people because it becomes difficult to go home without them and they cannot leave their homes. Neither can they take them from home nor can they live without money. In such a situation, the question of how to earn money sitting at home comes to mind. You will get answers to such questions only on the internet, hence this blog “How to earn money sitting at home” is written in Hindi for you. This blog is especially useful for those housewives who work at home. She wants to provide financial support to her family by staying at home. And perhaps this is also good for women because if the woman does not stay at home, there is no happiness in the house and in today's era, it is important for both husband and wife to earn.

This is a big question and my job is to help you, so I am telling you some easy tasks through which you can earn money sitting at home and all these tasks can be started with low investment.

How Can We Earn Money Sitting At Home

Create your own website (Start your own website):

If you know how to write and can write good articles then you can easily create your website. Nowadays, there is no need to have much technical knowledge to create a website and the website can be created very easily. You can read our article on how to create a website and can create it easily.

Web Designer:

If you have done engineering but cannot go out of home for a job or you have knowledge of web designing and want to do this work, then you can do this work sitting at home also. For which you can create your profile as a freelancer on the internet and you can also get complete knowledge of web designing from the internet itself. In this way you can earn money sitting at home.

Application Development:

If you know how to make applications, then you can do this work through the internet like a freelancer. Nowadays the demand for Android apps is very high, hence you can earn money sitting at home in this also.


Many small businessmen who need software or application for their business but they cannot pay much money to big companies, they need a developer. If you know this work, then you can do it by doing a few days of training and sitting at home. You can work like a freelancer.

Content Writer:

If you are interested in writing then search on the internet. If your English is good then you can earn a lot of money. Nowadays, content writing work is in full swing. People are earning money by writing blogs sitting at home, hence you can also make your profile as a freelancer. You can work as a writer and easily earn money sitting at home by writing blogs.

Content Writing Business:

If you want to work like a business man by investing some money and also have the capability for it, then deep seated content writing business is very good. You can get complete information about it on the internet only. After this you can do this work sitting at home.

Online Coaching

Nowadays the method of online teaching is increasing. You can teach students through online classes for which you will get proper training from the internet. Find out about this and earn money by teaching online from home.

Tiffin Centre:

If you are fond of cooking then it is a very good business in today's time. This will benefit many people along with you because people study and earn only for their food. That's why after a tiring day, they want to eat good and tasty food and if you have those qualities then you can earn money by doing this for them. This work can be started on a small scale first so that it will not cost you much. You can prepare some tiffin along with the food at home, this will make it easier for you to start the work and gradually increase it.

Cooking classes

If you have very good cooking skills then try to teach it to others also, you can start this work at home. There is a Shah Cooking Classes in our neighborhood. She teaches cooking every day in the afternoon and in return, she also charges the students for their dinner along with the fees. Due to this, she also gets to taste the food prepared by the students and is able to give them feedback. And they don't even have to cook food for home. It may sound strange but this is a tip, if you feel comfortable then adopt it. But cooking classes are also a good way to earn money sitting at home.


If you have a desire to study and teach, then you can teach children sitting at home. You can hold classes for children from small to adults, in which apart from school children, there can be college children or even those children who do not go to regular school. You can teach for less money so that they can help you as well.

English Speaking Classes:

If your English is good and you have the skill to teach, then you can start English spoken classes. You can search on the internet about how to teach English. And you can easily prepare notes and teach it to your students.

classes for seniors

This may sound strange to read, but nowadays all the children go out of the house for jobs and the elders stay at home. In such a situation, nowadays children remain connected to their parents through mobile and internet but parents are not able to use things like mobile and laptop. In such a situation, if you start such classes, then the elders will benefit more than you, for this you can charge on hourly basis. There will be many such topics in which the elders want your help, so you can earn money by doing this work. You will also like it by doing this work because I have done this work. It really feels good when the elders are taught things about today's environment and They are happy, that happiness gives a lot of peace.


You can give solutions to people's problems like any legal advice, opinion on whether property is right or wrong, opinion on marriage, opinion on business, opinion on investing money, there are many such things about which you can give solutions. You can help people by gaining knowledge. You can also help people by making important applications, resumes and CVs, these are also the things in which people face a lot of problems.

Planning of wedding function or any other party:

Even while staying at home, you can prepare a plan for someone's wedding or any function, like when and which rituals take place, because nowadays people's attention is only towards the wedding party, food and clothes and people forget about the rituals. Have gone. In such a situation, you can guide them and for this you can collect information online.

Yoga Classes:

You can also start yoga classes by taking training. Once you know the basics, you can update yourself through internet and yoga books and CDs of many famous yoga experts. Nowadays people have started paying a lot of attention towards fitness. In such a situation, by helping them, you can also earn money sitting at home. But do take training from an expert once.

Dance Classes:

If you have the skill of dancing then you can start a dance class, it will not cost you anything and your art will also emerge and you will also be able to practice at home so that you will also be able to come face to face with your art every day. You will also earn money sitting at home. Along with dance classes, you can also teach yoga and aerobics.

Music Classes :

If you have the art of music. If you have expertise in it then you can also start music classes. This will help you and through your art others will also gain knowledge of music and you will be able to earn money sitting at home.

Knitting Class:

If you have the skill of knitting like crochet or making woolen clothes, then you can also teach it to others. With this, someone else will become proficient in your art and you will also get money from it.

Online Shopping Portal

If you know how to make some beautiful things by yourself or by getting it made by someone or by talking to a brand, you can start your own shopping portal, it can include anything other than clothes. You will also get this information on the internet.

I have prepared all these tips for you from my experience to earn money sitting at home. I also work at home and am happy because due to some personal reasons I could never go out of the house but I always wanted to earn something by working but due to not doing it, I was very sad but I felt like writing Hindi poetry. It was my hobby due to which my friend got me involved in writing and introduced me to some people who had started content writing and were in need of a writer. He accepted me with my shortcomings and lovingly scolded me and taught me to work and today I have been working for him for the last 1.6 years. And I am very happy, for the first time I feel that I am worthy of something and can earn money sitting at home.

These are all such ways through which you can earn money sitting at home. And all these tips are very good for those people who want to do something but cannot leave the house and such people who cannot go out of the house due to some physical reasons can choose the work according to the tips written in this blog.

In today's time, all the information is available on the internet. Even though the world has become very big, the internet has imprisoned it in a box. Today, whatever you want to learn, you can learn it from the internet, for which you need either a laptop, computer or mobile phone and an internet connection.
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