राजव्यवस्था के अति महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्नोत्तर | Indian Polity Important Question (Part -1)

Question – Which Constitutional Amendment Act made the Directive Principles of State Policy more effective than fundamental rights? 
Answer – 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act (1976) Question

Question - Which President of India counted the votes of 'Second Preference' As a result, got elected after getting their fixed quota?

Answer – V.V. Giri

Question – Under which article of the Constitution is there a provision for financial emergency?

Answer – Article 360

​​Question – Which citizenship does the Indian Constitution provide?

Answer – Single Citizenship

Question – At which place did Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurate the first Panchayati Raj system on October 2, 1959?
Answer – Nagaur (Rajasthan)

Question – What is the quorum of the Lok Sabha of the total number of members?
Answer – 1/10

Question – Who approves and reviews the five-year plan? 
Answer – National Development Council

Question – Who appoints ministers at the state level?
Answer – Governor

Question – Who has the right to form a new state or change the border?
Answer – Parliament

Question – By whom is the Lok Sabha dissolved in India?
Answer – By the President in consultation with the Prime Minister

Question – In what lies the executive power of the Union in the Indian Constitution?
Answer – In the President

Question – When was the Rajya Sabha first formed?
Answer – April 3, 1952

Question – If a member of Parliament remains absent from the House for how many days without the prior permission of the Speaker, then his seat is declared vacant?
Answer – 60 days

Question – Who chooses the Speaker of the Lok Sabha?
Answer – Members of Lok Sabha

Question – Do Union Territories also send their representatives to Rajya Sabha?
Answer – Yes, I am sending it.

Question – Who is the constitutional head of the central government?
Answer – President

Question – To whom are the disputes related to the election for the post of President directed? 
Answer – To the Supreme Court

Question – By which Constitutional Amendment Act were the privileges and privileges of the native monarchs abolished?
Answer – By 26th Amendment Act
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