Indian Calendar 2024 Holidays and Festival List: (List of fasts, festivals and holidays falling in the year 2024)

Indian Calendar 2024 Holidays and Festival List: ( List of fasts and holidays falling in the year 2024)

In our country, Shaka Samvat was recognized as the national calendar in the year 1957 itself. The national calendar of our country is known as Shaka Samvat, which is based on the lunar-solar system. The names of almost all major festivals in the Indian calendar are printed along with the date. Let us know according to the Indian calendar 2024, what are the important festivals coming in the year 2024 and on which date they will fall in which month

Indian Calendar 2024 Holidays and Festival List

Indian Calendar 2024 January

January is the first month of the Indian calendar. In this month there is severe cold in most areas of the country. However, mild heat also starts in the southern areas. The major festivals falling in this month are as follows.

Date and DayFestival
January 1, MondayNew year
14 January, SundayLohri
15 January, MondayPongal, Uttarayan, Makar Sankranti
23 January, TuesdaySubhash Chandra Bose Jayanti
26 January, FridayRepublic Day

Indian Calendar 2024 February

In some states of the country, sweat-inducing heat starts in the atmosphere in the month of February. In some states, the cold starts leaving.

Date and DayFestival
14th February, WednesdayBasant Panchami, Saraswati Puja

Indian Calendar 2024 March

Every year, the festival of colours, Holi, falls mostly in the month of March. Apart from this, what are the major festivals coming in the month of March, see their names below.

Date and DayFestival
March 8, FridayMahashivratri
March 24, SundayHolika Dahan
March 25, MondayHoli
Indian Calendar 2024 April

Gupt Navratri, a very religious festival of Hindus, falls in the month of April. During these days of Navratri, service, worship and worship of Goddess Durga is done. Apart from this, some major festivals also fall in this month.

Date and DayFestival
1 April, MondayBank holiday
9 April, TuesdayChaitra Navratri, Ugadi, Gudi Padwa
10 April, WednesdayCheti Chand
13 April, Saturdaycrutch
14 April, SundayAmbedkar Jayanti
17th April, WednesdayChaita Navratri Parana, Ram Navami
23 April, TuesdayHanuman Jayanti

Indian Calendar 2024 May

There is intense heat in the country in the month of May. The number of major festivals falling in this month is only one.

Date and DayFestival
May 10, FridayThird day of Akshaya
Indian Calendar 2024 July

In India, in the month of July, a big procession is taken out in South India, which people come from all over the country and the world to see. This procession is called Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath.

Date and dayFestival
7th July, SundayJagannath Rath Yatra
July 17, WednesdayAshadi Ekadashi
21st July, SundayGuru Purnima

Indian Calendar 2024 August

After one or two months of lack of festivals in summer, many big festivals start once again from August, which include Janmashtami to Rakshabandhan.

Date and dayFestival
7th August, WednesdayHariyali Teej
August 9, FridayNag Panchami
15 August, Thursdayindependence day
19 August, MondayRaksha Bandhan
22 August, ThursdayKajri Teej
26 August, MondayJanmashtami

Indian Calendar 2024 September

It rains in most of the states of the country in September, which provides water to the heat-stricken earth and also provides relief to humans from the heat.

Date and dayFestival
6 September, FridayHartalika Teej
7 September, SaturdayGanesh Chaturthi
15 September, SundayOnam/Thiruvonam
17 September, TuesdayAnant Chaturdashi
The birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation falls in the month of October. Apart from this, a big religious festival of Hindus also falls in this month, which lasts for about 9 days. Other important dates of the month of October are as follows.

Date and dayFestival
October 2, WednesdayGandhi Jayanti
October 3, Thursdayautumn navratri
October 12, SaturdayDussehra, Sharad Navratri Parana
October 20, SundayKarva Chauth
October 29, TuesdayDhanteras
31st October, Thursdayhell chaturdashi

Indian Calendar 2024 November

In the month of November, it starts getting quite cold in most of the states of the country. However, this month also brings with it many important festivals, including Chhath, the main folk festival of Bihar.

Date and dayFestival
1 November, FridayDiwali
2 November, Saturdaygovardhan puja
3 November, SundayBhai Dooj
7 November, Thursdaychhath puja
14 November, Thursdaychildren's Day
Indian Calendar 2024 DecemberDecember is the last month of any year. After this the next month is of New Year.

Date and DayFestival
December 25, WednesdayMerry Christmas

So this was the calendar full of fasts and festivals of the year 2024, in which there will be government and private holidays.

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