Was the name of Hyderabad really Bhagyanagar earlier? Know the history.

BJP has got a huge victory in the municipal elections in Hyderabad. Here, let us tell you that BJP had said about the Municipal Corporation elections that if it wins, it will change the name of Hyderabad to Bhagyanagar. Now the elections have been held and their results have also come. Although BJP did not get majority in the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections, it has emerged as a very powerful party there. Let us inform you here that TRS has been the largest party in the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections while BJP has become the second party. Now the controversy going on is whether Hyderabad was earlier named Bhagyanagar? Or was there any such woman at that time whose name was Bhagyavati and who was related to Bhagyanagar?

History of the name Hyderabad

If we talk about history, we find the name of Hyderabad as Bhagyanagar in many books, but there are complete indications that it was called Hyderabad at that time. Therefore, it is very difficult to be sure that earlier its name was Bhagyanagar. In 1816, British citizen Aaron Arrow Smith had made a map in which he had written the name of Hyderabad in bold letters and below it, the name Bhagyanagar was also written in small letters and along with it the name Golconda was also included. This means that in the map he made, he used 3 names for Hyderabad – Bhagyanagar, Hyderabad and Golconda. So now the question is, why and how were these 3 names of Hyderabad kept?

Argument 1- Bhagyanagar is named after Bhagyalakshmi Temple

This argument is not correct because many historians have not accepted this argument as correct because according to historians, there was no Bhagyalakshmi temple near the Char Minar located in Hyderabad. Let us tell you here that a senior official has claimed that only 30-40 years have passed since Bhagyalakshmi was built and before that no temple was built there. This statement of the senior officer can also be confirmed by looking at the old photographs of Char Minar. Let us tell you that in the old photographs there was no temple near Char Minar. Photographs of four minarets can also be seen in Sorvenir, published in 1994, in which no temple is visible in comparison to them.

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Argument 2 – There are many gardens in Hyderabad hence it should be called Bagnagar.

Let us tell you here that Hyderabad was never officially named Baghnagar. But here it should also be mentioned that historian Harun Khan Sherwani had argued for the first time in 1968 that the name of Hyderabad was earlier Bagnagar and to understand his argument one has to read the book written by Jean Battisto Tavernier because he had written in his It is written in the book that Golconda also had another name Bagnagar. Apart from this, he has also written in his book that Hyderabad was built as per the wish of a wife of Quli Qutub Shah whose name was Nagar. If seen here, Tavernier had understood the meaning of the garden correctly but he made a mistake in understanding the meaning of the city. Let us tell you that this is also mentioned in Weible's book which he has translated from French to English. In that book he has written that Tavernier must have been mistaken in understanding the meaning of city. Now let us tell you here that Haroon Khan has given the arguments in which he has taken only those arguments written by Tavernier in which the gardens of Hyderabad have been mentioned. But another historian named Narendra Luther has rejected this argument.

Argument 3 – The city is named after Bhagyavati, not after the gardens.

Many historians consider this argument to be correct. Let us tell you that a research article was also published by Salar Jung Museum in which this argument has been considered correct. In 1992-93, a book by Narendra Luther on the history of Bhagyamati was published in which he agreed with this argument. Apart from this, historian Mohammad Qasim Fehrista has written a book on the rise of Muslim rule in India, in which he has written that the Sultan had fallen in love with his mistress Bhagyavati and hence he named the city Bhagyanagar, which he later renamed Hyderabad. Had done it.

On the other hand, it is written in Shaikh-e-Faizi that the Sultan had named the city Bhagyanagar after the name of an old witch. In 1687, a book was published named the travels into the levant and it was written by a Dutch officer Jean de Thevenot. In that book he has written that the capital of the Sultanate was Bhagyanagar and it was called Hyderabad by the Iranian people. In the 17th century, a book by WM Malik was published named Relations of Golconda. It is written in that book that every year in the month of April some prostitutes used to go to Bhagyanagar and dance before the king. In the footnote inside that book, it has been written that Bhagyanagar means Hyderabad, the new capital of Golconda.

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Argument 4 – Bhagyanagar is the translation of the Persian word

Apart from this, there is also an argument that Bhagyanagar is a translation of Persian language. For information here, let us tell you that Hyderabad was built in 1591 and was named Farkhunda Buniyaad in 1596 and it is a Persian word which means lucy city and its translation is Bhagyanagar. Along with this, let us tell you that some people had also presented the argument that Sanskrit word was used for Farkhunda foundation and due to this the Persian name Bhagyanagaram became popular in Sanskrit Telugu.

Love story of Mohammad Quli and Bhagyamati

Now the question also arises whether there was a woman named Bhagyavati at that time. There is a lot of confusion regarding this because the imaginations and claims about Bhagyavati have become so intertwined that they cannot be seen separately. Let us tell you that there is enough evidence of the existence of Bhagyavati, but there are many claims available that refute her existence. Here we tell you about the story which is most famous about Bhagyamati.

The fifth king of the Qutub Shahi dynasty, whose name was Mohammad Quli, fell in love with a Hindu girl Bhagyamati. She was a resident of a village named Chanchalam and four towers are also present in her village. To meet Bhagyavati, Mohammad Quli used to come from Golconda for which he had to cross the river. When his father Ibrahim saw his travels, he built a bridge over the Musi River there in 1578. Then in 1580, Mohammad Quli married Bhagyavati and then he changed the name of Bhagyavati to Haider Mahal. The strangest thing here is that at the time when Ibrahim built the bridge, Mohammad Quli was only 13 years old. Therefore, it does not seem right that that bridge was built for Mohammad Quli. So it seems that there is no connection of any kind between his love for Bhagyamati and the construction of the bridge. If historians are to be believed, then according to them the bridge was built to connect Golconda Fort with Ibrahim Pattam.

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Some unresolved questions of the love story of Mohammad Quli and Bhagyamati

So, in the love story of Mohammad Quli and Bhagyavati, there are some questions whose answers were never found, like was Bhagyavati a dancer? Or was she an ordinary woman? Or was it a mistress? Or was it a Devdasi? Did Mohammad Quli marry Bhagyavati? Or did they both live together without marriage? In such a situation, the question arises that if Bhagyavati did not exist then is it just an imagination? If indeed so, had he changed his religion? Did he change his religion and change his name to Haider Mahal? Or as Coolie fondly called them Haider Mahal? When he died, why was no tomb built in his memory? These are the questions whose answers have not been found till date.

Witness the love story of Mohammad Quli and Bhagyavati

There was a court poet of Kuli whose name was Mulla Wazahi. He has told about the love story of Bhagyavati in his book Qutub Mushtri, according to which Prince Kuli had seen Bhagyavati in his dream and when he woke up, he went in search of Bhagyavati. I went and found him. Apart from this, there is another argument that Bhagyamati had expressed her desire to build Hyderabad and then after building Hyderabad, it was named after Bhagyavati. Now the question arises that why was this new city established at all?

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construction of ibrahim patnam city

It is said that the entire area of ​​Golconda had become very narrow, so it was decided to build a new city. That is why Coolie's father Ibrahim built Ibrahim Patnam, which was 30 kilometers west of Golconda Fort and this city still exists there with the same name. But no information is yet available as to why the second city was built.

Mohammad Kuli had established a city

Later, when Mohammad Quli took over the entire kingdom, the construction work of the new city was started and he handed over the entire responsibility of the construction of the new city to his Peshwa Mir Momin. Let us tell you that Mir Momin was Iranian and grew up in the city of Ispan. That is why Mir Momin called some experts from Iran to make the new city like his city of Spain and gave all the construction work to them. Today, at the place where there are four minarets, there was earlier a village called Chanchalam, around which the city of Hyderabad was built, which is today known as Old Hyderabad.

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Name of Hyderabad inscribed on coins

12 years after the construction of Hyderabad, i.e. in 1603, the circulation of new coins started on which the name of Hyderabad is clearly written, which makes it clear that even if the name of Hyderabad will be Bhagyanagar, it will be there only for a very short period of time. Must have been taken.

Other arguments regarding Hyderabad

Let us also tell here that there are many other arguments regarding the name of Hyderabad –
  • Qutb Shahi was a Shia Muslim and Haider was another name of Prophet Mohammed's son-in-law, after whom the city was named and most historians believe the same.
  • Apart from this, there is another argument that when Bhagyamati converted to Islam, she changed her name to Hyder Mahal, hence the city was named Hyderabad.
  • Along with this, there is another argument that Hindus called it Bhagyanagar and Muslims always called it Hyderabad.
  • Nani Shetty Shirish says that Gulkunda has 4 doors, one of which is named Fateh and it was earlier called Bhagyanagar. According to Shirish, the name of the city was Gulkunda, then it became Bhagyanagar and after that it was named Hyderabad.
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But here we will say that no matter what name it was given in the past, it is not appropriate to change its name now. Just as earlier the name of Delhi was Shahjahanabad but at present it is Delhi and everyone calls it Delhi. So Bhagyanagar might have been a name for some time but everyone knows it as Hyderabad and calls it Hyderabad.

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