Maldives Controversy News 2024: Know what these ministers of Maldives said on tweet against India, which is causing controversy

At present, Maldives has become a topic of discussion, because three ministers of Maldives have made such comments about the Honorable Prime Minister of our country, due to which they have been suspended by the Government of Maldives, this happened because our Honorable Prime Minister Ji was touring Lakshadweep, and was happily staying there and sharing about the rejuvenation there with the people of India, meanwhile Maldives has started becoming a topic of discussion, let us tell you this. , that who are those three ministers of Maldives and what do they do.

Maldives Controversy News 2024

Talking about the country Maldives, the GDP of this country is dependent on tourism, and due to the citizens of India coming here every year as tourists, there is a huge increase in their tourism. People go there as tourists to enjoy the environment and beauty of nature, but at this time Maldives is being discussed because many Indians were going there for a holiday. They started canceling their flights and booking to go to Lakshadweep has started. This time it can be seen that the GDP of Maldives will reduce.

Maldivian Minister ' Mariyam Shiuna '

Recently, Mariam Shiuna, the current minister of Maldives, has been in the news. She serves as the Deputy Minister of Youth Empowerment of Maldives in the Ministry of Information and Arts, and is also the spokesperson of Male City Council. This female minister of Maldives has created a controversy by making negative comments to the Honorable Prime Minister. Due to which both his country and his ministerial post got into trouble. He had called PM Modi a clown and a puppet on social media X regarding his Lakshyadeep Yatra. After some time it started trending and then he had to delete his tweet but the present government has dismissed him because the present government has started thinking that present day tourism is in danger.

Malsha Sharif, Minister of Maldives

Malsha Sharif had also done something similar, due to which the current government of Maldives has suspended her too. She also handles a ministry in Maldives, she has also put herself and her position in danger by making negative comments to the Honorable Prime Minister of India.

Maldives Minister ' Mahzoom Majeed '

Mahzoom Majeed said that India is targeting us, he wrote this post on Wrote after that, due to this post of his, a campaign was started to boycott him and his tourism by the people of India due to which the government of Maldives had to take a big step and sack him.

Former President Ibrahim Mohammad Sohail's reaction towards India

The former President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohammed Sohail, has completely condemned the hateful language used by the Maldivian authorities towards India through social media. He has also said that India has always been a good friend of Maldives. Which has always supported Maldives, and a large part of India contributes to the growth of our revenue in the form of tourism. Due to which there is a huge increase in the GDP of Maldives through tourism.

Honorable Prime Minister shared his experience of Lakshadweep trip

Recently, the Honorable Prime Minister of our country visited Lakshadweep on January 2 and 3 and after staying at Lakshadweep, he shared his experience among the people and told that our Lakshadweep can also become a good tourist destination, and he Also shared the experience of swimming inside the sea. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also shared his snorkeling experience among the people. If you go anywhere for tourism, then Lakshadweep should also be there once in your tourism. And people were requested to enthusiastically enjoy here too.

#Boycott Maldives Trend

Honorable Prime Minister was completely supported by Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Lord of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar regarding Lakshyadeep. And whatever negative reaction has been given by the ministers of Maldives has been condemned. The present day government is in Maldives, they had to dismiss these ministers and an apology has been given by the present day President of Maldives. Then people boycotted Maldives started trending and people started canceling the tickets there and started booking tickets for Lakshadweep.

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Q: Who are the three ministers of Maldives who have been dismissed?

Ans: Maryam Shiuna, Malsha Sharif, Mahzoom Majid.

Q: Who is the present President of Maldives?

Ans: Mohammad is Muizzu.

Q: On what is the economy of Maldives dependent?

Ans: On tourism.

Q: Where do most tourists go to Maldives?

Ans: From India

Q: After the Maldives dispute, will tourism increase in Lakshadweep?

Ans: Yes, absolutely

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