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How to do business in village, idea, rural village (Village Business Ideas)

In India, the maximum population lives in villages. A total of 68% of the country's population lives in rural areas. In such a situation, not everyone can earn money by going to the city. Good reduction can also be done by starting one's own business in the village itself. The government is also now making special efforts for the development of rural areas. Various schemes are being run especially for rural residents. Today we are going to tell you about which businesses you can start while living in the village. With this you can reduce fat.

Transport Goods –

In rural areas, most of the people earn their living by farming. Some people become rich by earning good money from this while some remain poor. Transport facilities are not good in the village, farmers have to go to the city to sell their grains, fruits and vegetables, but due to lack of vehicles, they have to book from the city. You can start this business in the village itself. With this you will need a tractor trolley, which you can run on rent and earn good profits. You will have to invest money while buying a vehicle, nowadays the government is also giving special subsidy for buying tractors, if you also want to take advantage of this scheme then click here to get information.

Mini Cinema Hall –

Nowadays, there are big multiplexes and cinema halls in the city, but there is no such entertainment facility in the villages. You can easily open a small cinema in the village, for this you will need a projector, a computer and a hall where 50-60 people can sit and watch the movie. You can also show videos related to farming to the villagers through projector, this will make them aware.

Poultry Farm –

Eggs and chicken are in demand everywhere, you can start this business even in the village. Its demand never decreases, this business of yours will always run. You will need a slightly bigger space in the open for this. You can do business by talking to hotels and local shops near you.

Under the Agricultural Machinery Subsidy Scheme, Modi government is giving 50-80% subsidy to the farmers, click here for the registration process.

Recharge Shop –

You can open a mobile recharge shop in the village. Nowadays everyone has a mobile, its recharge is done online, but not everyone in the village knows how to do it. Apart from mobile recharge, you can also keep mobile accessories and mobile phones.

Dairy –

There are good breeds of cows and buffaloes in the village. If you have a cow or buffalo then you can also start dairy work. As your business grows, you can buy more cows and buffaloes. You can make it in packets or sell it loosely.

Tailor -

If you know sewing then you can start tailoring, trailer work. For this you will need a sewing machine and some trailing material. You can start this work even in a small room of your house. Along with men, women can also do this business. Both can do this business together.

Salon –

You can open a salon or barber shop. This is an everyday necessity, which should be available everywhere. Instead of a barber, you can open a good salon in the village, here you can provide all kinds of facilities for men's grooming.

Under PM Kusum Yojana, farmers will get solar pumps at 90% subsidy, click here to apply.

Seed fertilizer shop –

You can open a shop for farmers by stocking good quality seeds and different types of fertilizers. Farmers have to go to the city many times for this, if they get all these good quality goods in the village itself, then both their time and money will be saved.

Welding and Fabrication Business –

In this business, iron gates, grills and various types of windows and doors are made. You can open this business in the village. Nowadays houses are built everywhere, everyone has to provide the best facilities in their house. This business of yours will yield huge profits in the village also. Nowadays, under the housing scheme, the government is giving money to everyone to build a house, if you want to apply for PM Awas Yojana then click here .

By adopting some such businesses you can earn good profits in the village. You will not need to go to the city to earn money. With hard work a person can become a great man anywhere.

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