A person from Hapur, UP turned out to be an 'ISI agent', was posted in the Indian Embassy in Russia, how did the whole game get exposed?

UP ATS has arrested a person allegedly associated with ISI from Meerut. According to ATS, he was giving intelligence information to the handlers sitting in Pakistan. What else has been revealed? What items have been recovered from him?

Uttar Pradesh ATS (UP ATS) has got great success. The team has arrested a person who is accused of being an agent of ISI. This arrest has been made from Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh. The arrested person has been identified as Satyendra Siwal. He is an Indian citizen and is working in the Foreign Department. It is alleged that Satyendra Siwal was working for Pakistani intelligence agency ISI for a long time (Pakistan ISI Agent Arrested in Meerut Hapur).

According to the report of Santosh Sharma associated with India Today, Satyendra is originally from Hapur district of UP. He is posted in the Indian Embassy in Moscow, the capital of Russia since the year 2021. He is working on the post of India Best Security Assistant (IBSA). Satyendra Siwal is accused that he was passing on important information related to the Indian Army and it to the Pakistani intelligence agency. 

How did UP ATS catch it?

UP Police had received input that ISI handlers were getting Indian Foreign Ministry employees to do espionage by luring them and luring them with money. UP ATS took action on this basis. ATS was monitoring through electronic and surveillance for the last few days. According to officials, on February 3, Satendra was called for questioning at the ATS office in Meerut. But, during interrogation he could not give satisfactory answers. 

According to the Indian Express report, when the ATS officers strictly interrogated the accused, he confessed to his crime. He has confessed to sending many confidential information to Pakistan. After this the accused Satyendra Siwal was arrested. The accused has been arrested under Section 121A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Official Secrets Act, 1923. Investigation has also revealed that the arrested person was sent money in return for the information he gave to ISI. ATS has recovered two mobile phones, Aadhar card and PAN card from him.

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