Kinetic Green E-Luna: Price In India, Launch Date, Design, Engine, Features

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Kinetic Green, furthering its mission of 21st century environmental protection and sustainable development, has launched its latest offering, e-Luna. The launch of this electric moped is not only a step towards cleaner sources of energy but also provides an economically viable transportation option for the general public.

Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari shared his views on the occasion and described e-Luna as a boon for the poor, service class and low income section. He highlighted its economic efficiency, making the vehicle more accessible and practical.

Kinetic Green E-Luna: Price In India, Launch Date, Design, Engine, Features

Kinetic Green E-Luna complete Details

Technical Specifications2 kWh Lithium Ion Battery, 2 Watt Motor, Swappable Battery
Display50 kmph top speed, 110 km range on single charge
Charging and featuresFull charge in 4 hours, portable charger, USB charging port
Security featuresCombi drum brake system, high stability
Design and colorMulberry Red, Ocean Blue, Pearl Yellow, Sparkling Green, Night Star Black
Price₹69,990 (ex-showroom)

Kinetic Green E-Luna Launch Detail

The e-Luna was launched on February 7, with pre-bookings starting from January 26, 2024, on Amazon and Flipkart. It has been priced at Rs 69,990 (ex-showroom), making it an attractive option for most consumers.

Kinetic Green E-Luna Design and Colours

Kinetic Green's e-Luna has brought a new wave in the market with its modern design and diverse color options. Its design not only enriches the aesthetics but also enhances user comfort and efficiency of the vehicle.

The design of e-Luna is modern and equipped with latest technical features, which makes it easily fit into the urban environment. Its stylish appearance and sleek lines not only make it an attractive vehicle, but it also offers aerodynamic benefits, leading to increased battery life and performance.

The e-Luna is available in five different colours, which are:
  • Mulberry Red : This color symbolizes energy and enthusiasm, suitable for young and energetic riders.
  • Ocean Blue : A symbol of peace and reliability, this color attracts people who are looking for calm and stability.
  • Pearl Yellow : A symbol of enthusiasm and happiness, this color is especially for those who want to highlight their personality.
  • Sparkling Green : An ideal choice for nature and environment conscious people.
  • Night Star Black : Classic and timeless, this color is the epitome of luxury and beauty.

Kinetic Green E-Luna Price 

Kinetic Green's e-Luna, an electric moped, has been priced at Rs 69,990 (ex-showroom). This price includes all the basic and advanced features of the e-Luna, making it an attractive option in its category. This price makes it particularly accessible to various consumer groups, especially the middle class and service class.

Kinetic Green E-Luna Technical Specifications

Kinetic Green's e-Luna is packed with the latest technology and features, including a 2 kWh Lithium Ion battery and a powerful 2 Watt motor. Its battery is swappable, giving the user easy charging options and convenience for long operating ranges.

Kinetic Green E-Luna Speed

The top speed of e-Luna is 50 kilometers per hour, which it achieves through its powerful motor. It can cover a range of up to 110 kilometers on a single charge, making it a perfect choice for daily use and long distance trips.

Kinetic Green E-Luna Performance

E-Luna takes only 4 hours to fully charge. It is provided with a portable charger, which provides users with easy charging facility anywhere. Additionally, it also has a USB charging port, so riders can charge their mobile devices.

Kinetic Green E-Luna security features

High safety standards have been followed in e-Luna. It is fitted with a combi drum brake system at both ends, which helps in quick and safe stopping even at high speeds. Additionally, the weight and design of the vehicle provide it with stability, providing better control and comfort to the rider.
The combination of these technical specifications, performance capabilities, charging and features, and safety features make e-Luna not only an eco-friendly option, but it also meets the needs and expectations of the modern day consumers.

The launch of e-Luna by Kinetic Green is not only a significant step forward in the field of electric vehicles but is also a promising option for all those looking for eco-friendly and pocket-friendly transportation. E-Luna not only contributes to environmental protection but it also empowers the common man economically.
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