Mukesh Ambani's 'Hanoonman' AI: Will give competition to ChatGPT, know how useful this 'Hanoonman' AI is

India's contribution to technological development at the global level has always been important. In this sequence, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries has announced an AI model called 'Desi Hanuman', which aims to compete with reputed AI models such as ChatGPT and Google Gemini AI in the global market. This chatbot will not only enhance the technical capability but also ensure greater ease and accessibility at the local level by providing service in Indian languages.

Mukesh Ambani's 'Hanooman' AI

Launch dateMarch
Supported Languages11 local languages
AreaEducation, Finance, Governance, Health
 Institute8 Affiliated Universities, IIT Bombay, Reliance Jio
featuresLLM style, speech to text feature

Will be launched in March

The month of March has been chosen for the launch of 'Desi Hanuman'. With this launch, Reliance Industries has not only shown its commitment in the field of technological innovation, but also signaled that India is emerging as a strong competitor in the global AI technology sector.

Will work in 11 local languages

One of the most important features of the 'Desi Hanuman' AI model is its ability to provide service in local languages. The model will support 11 local languages, allowing Indian users to get information and support in their mother tongue. This will increase the reach and impact of AI in education, finance, governance, and healthcare.

Hanuman chat bot will work on LLM style

Hanuman Chatbot, as Reliance's first AI model, will be based on the progressive technology of Large Language Model (LLM). The model has the unique capability to support 11 Indian languages ​​in depth, enabling it to make invaluable contributions across diverse sectors such as education, finance, government administration and healthcare. If media sources are to be believed, the successful launch of Hanuman chatbot will simplify the development of future projects such as BharatGPT. This chatbot will also include special user-friendly features like speech to text, making it even more useful.

What is LLM ?

LLM, known as 'Large Language Model', is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) technology that specializes in language understanding and generation tasks. This technology is based on advanced principles of machine learning, including the ability to learn from huge datasets. LLMs can perform tasks such as interpreting, translating, summarizing, and writing texts on their own in different languages.

The biggest feature of these models is their deep ability to understand and use language, due to which they can understand even the subtle nuances of human language. LLMs are used in chatbots, virtual assistants, educational tools, and research, where they provide human-like answers and solutions.

The advancement of LLMs has introduced a new era in the world of AI, in which machines are now able to understand and respond to human language and sentiments, instead of merely processing numerical data. This has greatly expanded the boundaries of technological applications, opening up possibilities for innovation and enriching human experiences.

Utility in educational and financial sectors

The development of 'Hanuman' will not only promote technological innovation but will also bring significant change in the education and financial sectors. By using AI technology, teachers and students will be able to exchange knowledge more seamlessly and effectively. Financial services, such as banking and investments, will also become more accessible and transparent through AI.

Technical features and developments

The development of 'Desi Hanuman' is supported by 8 affiliated universities and wireless carrier Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited as well as the government. It will work on LLM (Large Language Model) style and include user-friendly features like speech to text.

Future direction

The success of 'Desi Hanuman' will prove to be a milestone not only for Reliance but for the entire Indian tech sector. Along with this, it will also help in the development of Indian AI models such as BharatGPT, which will help in establishing the global identity of the Indian technology industry in the future.

Other AI models being developed in India

India is witnessing a new wave in the field of technological innovation, which includes the development of BharatGPT and Hanuman Chatbot and many other AI models. In this advancement, leading companies like Krutrim and Sarvam are also working on their own unique AI models, thereby increasing the technological diversity and richness in the Indian market. With the timely launch of these innovative AI models, Indian users are likely to reduce their dependence on global platforms like Open AI and Gemini AI. This could prove to be an important step towards self-reliance and innovation in the Indian technological landscape.

With this project, Reliance Industries has not only taken a strong step towards technological innovation but also attempted to give India a new identity on the global technology platform. The development and launch of 'Desi Hanuman' is definitely the beginning of a new dawn for the Indian tech industry.

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