OpenAI SORA- Now making video has become easy, video will be made through Sora tool in one click

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OpenAI SORA- OpenAI has brought a new revolution in the field of creative artificial intelligence by introducing ChatGPT. In this series, the company has now unveiled a new tool which can instantly create short videos using written instructions or prompts. This new text-to-video creation tool from Microsoft-backed OpenAI is called Sora. Major tech companies like Google and Meta have already piloted this type of technology, but OpenAI has gone a long way in terms of quality.

What is SORA?

Sora is an advanced technology developed by OpenAI that provides text-to-video generation capabilities. This tool has the extraordinary ability to take written prompts or instructions and convert them into engaging and informative videos. It can be used to present information visually in education, entertainment, advertising, and many other fields. Through Sora, OpenAI has expanded the possibilities of artificial intelligence in the field of video content creation, helping users convert their ideas into video form faster and efficiently. Its ease and speed has challenged traditional methods of video production, and it signals a new revolution in digital content creation.

Create a 1 minute realistic video with a written prompt

“Sora” is a Japanese word that means “sky.” This text-to-video generator tool can create a realistic one-minute video based on the style and topic instructions given by users. One feature of Sora that makes it unique is its ability to understand long instructions, which for example can be as long as 135 words.

A video example released by OpenAI on Thursday shows Sora creating a variety of characters and scenes. It includes humans, animals, monsters and even urban landscapes, landscapes and underwater scenes of New York City.

OpenAI's new tool Sora: What is special?

OpenAI's AI company has recently told about its new tool Sora. What's special about Sora is that it allows you to create realistic videos using still images or pre-existing video footage. The goal is to teach AI how to understand and simulate the dynamic physical world, helping people solve real-world problems.

Features of Sora

An example of this new tool was the prompt, which consisted of a movie trailer shot on 35 mm film, full of brilliant colors, in a cinematic style, in the desert under a blue sky. It depicts the exploits of a 30-year-old astronaut wearing a red woolen knitted motorcycle helmet.

Who can use Sora?

At present, Sora cannot be used by the general public. The company has shared limited information about this tool and it is available exclusively to the red teaming, which will help the company identify any potential flaws during its development.
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