Propose Day 2024 Shayari | Propose Day Shayari Message 2024

Propose Day Shayari Message SMS WhatsApp Status (Propose Day Shayari) (Message, Whatsapp Status, SMS)

Propose Day is the second day of Valentine's week. This is an important day for a new girlfriend and a new boyfriend. On this day, girlfriend and boyfriend start a new life by proposing to each other. Everyone makes new planning for this, this day becomes a memorable day which people remember even after age. Everyone does a lot of planning to make the proposal day historic and beautiful.

Propose Day Shayari | Propose Day Shayari Message
Propose Day Shayari | Propose Day Shayari Message

Propose Day Shayari

“प्यार एक ऐसा अहसास है,
जो कभी  भुलाये ना भूले,
जिन्दगी को आंसमा सा रंग दे,
भंवरे की गुन्जन में गूंजे,
फूलो की खुशबू में महके,
काँटों पर चलने का दम दे||”

Propose Day Message Shayari

तुझसे क्या कहे क्या दिल में हैं 
मेरी आँखे सब बयाँ कर जाती हैं 
फिर भी मौका भी हैं और दस्तूर भी 
क्या मेरी वैलेंटाइन बनोगी ?

Propose Day Message Shayari

सच्चे प्यार को ये कमबख्त आँखे कह ही देती हैं 
पर आज हम लब्जो से कुछ कहना चाहते हैं 
क्या मेरे सनम तुझे क़ुबूल हूँ मैं
मेरे दिल के हर कोने में बस तेरा ही नाम हैं 
चाहे तो चीर के देख ले बस तेरा ही गुलाम हूँ मैं

Propose Day Message Shayari

तेरी मासूम निगाहों से प्यार करते हैं हम 
तेरी खामोश साँसों को महसूस करते हैं हम 
पर तुम कहते कुछ नहीं मुझसे 
इसलिए आज प्यार का इज़हार करते हैं हम

Propose Day Message Shayari

प्यार के दो लब्ज़ क्या कहेंगे हाल-ए-दिल 
जब दिल का हर एक तार तेरा ही नाम गुनगुनाता हैं 
लेकिन आज किसी ने कहा हैं कि मुहूर्त अच्छा हैं 
इसलिए ये पैगाम आज मेरी मोहब्बत का इज़हार करता हैं 

Propose Day Message Shayari

आज इज़हार-ए-दिल का मौका हैं 
तू क़ुबूल करे इसे यही मेरा तौहफा हैं 
यूँ तो महबूबा के लिए चाँद तारे तोड़ लाऊ 
पर ये कुदरती तौहफा भी तेरे आगे फीका हैं

There is a tradition of expressing oneself by giving a rose or a ring, which has a secret:

Rose :

This is considered a symbol of starting a love relation. By giving a rose, a sweet permission is sought to start a relationship. For which the girl and boy are always very nervous, excited and happy.


With this, lovers propose each other for marriage. They take permission from each other to bind the sweet feeling of love of many days into a bond of centuries. This bond of marriage is considered greater than all other bonds.

Similarly, this celebration of love continues for the whole week which two hearts feel together and remain happy with each other and also take care of each other's happiness.

The strings of the heart get attached but the shyness of the eyes tickles that feeling further. I feel like always being with her, but when we are together, my eyes do not want to meet eyes. What kind of feeling is this which runs like lightning, which loves but is afraid to say it. Proposing is more scary than the result of an exam. You can still bear the results of the exam but it seems impossible to bear the rejection of your love. Fear is rising in the heart, yet there is a unique smile on the face. The feeling of love is different from all other feelings and is full of happiness, the one who knows how to give, true love always remains happy in the happiness of others.

Propose day is full of excitement for young people. For them, propose day is the beginning of their love, which they try with all their heart to make memorable. All the best to everyone who gets full marks in the exam of propose day.

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