Railway Related Information Through Mobile | Check Train PNR Status Through Mobile

Check Train PNR Status information through mobile: If you have a smartphone to get all the information about Railways through mobile, then you do not need to worry. Nowadays, many mobile apps have come, which we can download and know about every situation of the railway. For this, you can find out about the timing, fare and status of the train from the app related to Rail Inquiry.Also, features like train list, time table, live station, cancel rail, spot your train are provided in this application, through which you can use it as per your need. A lot of efforts are made by the Railways to make your journey successful and pleasant. The number of passengers traveling by rail every day is very high. Railways is committed to ensure that all those passengers reach their destination safely and on time. For this, Railways has launched many mobile apps which have been launched by IRCTC, which include – IRCTC Connect, IRCTC Catering – Food on Track, all the information can also be collected from the official website of IRCTC.  

Current location of train through mobile (Train status running on mobile)

Through mobile, you can check the location and status of your train in the following ways-

  • Using internet in mobile, go to Google and open the page of National Train Inquiry System.
  • After this, after entering your train number, a page will open, in which after entering the date of commencement of your journey, all the information appears in front of you.
  • After this, a small green bling will be seen which means that the train has left that station.

In this way you also get complete information about the train. Apart from this, you can also get train information in some ways which are as follows-

Train status through app

'Train Inquiry Application' is an app through which you can find the current location of the train through mobile. This application cannot be downloaded in all types of mobiles. Only Windows Phone can be used to install it. Apart from this, IRCTC also has an app through which you can know about the train.

Train status through PNR number

To find out the current location of the train, it can be found through the PNR number printed on the ticket. Various websites are available for this, some of them are- https://www.trainspnrstatus.com/, http://www.indianrail.gov.in/pnr_Enq.html. By viewing this website through internet on your mobile, you can find out the location of the train, where is the train at present and whether the train is on time or late.

Train status through SMS

The location of the train can also be found through SMS through mobile. For this you will have to send SMS to number 139, from which you can get many information. To know the location, the location can be found by entering the number on the spot or locate. The facility of this service can be availed through PNR number by just dialing 139 on Reliance, Uninor, Docomo and Vodafone for USSD.            

Finding the current location of the train through map (Train status through GPS)

If you use a smart phone then you can get the current information about the train through GPS using new technology. Through this, the distance of the train can also be detected. You can track the location of the train through GPS. The full name of GPS is Global Positioning System. It tracks location through satellite. The network provider provides service based on location. If you have internet facility on your mobile then you can find out the current location of the train through this website which is https://www.railyatri.in/.   

Live station status train inquiry through mobile

If we can know the specific status of the train through mobile i.e. where is the train now, the station from where you have to travel, how much time will the train take to reach there, then we can save ourselves from unnecessary trouble. To avoid this problem, now we can know the distance and arrival time from railway stations through the internet anytime, anywhere. To avoid all these problems, we have a revolutionary way in this internet era, our smart phone. In this, you will get every kind of information related to Railways through app and net, which are given above.

Train related information through mobile (Check Train PNR Status information through mobile)

Along with this, you can also find out the following information through mobile-  

Train status between two stations:

  • You can find out the distance between two railway stations through the internet through your mobile from this https://erail.in/ website. Sometimes we are in a state of confusion as to why the train has not arrived yet, to avoid such a situation we can use the medium of mobile.
  • To know the status of trains in the mobile app 'Train Running Status Live', open it and enter the information about the two stations you want to get.
  • Then the option of type of train will appear in front of you, after selecting which you will get the list of all types of trains.
  • With this you can know the opening time and arrival time of the train, whether the train is weekly or daily, how much time it takes to reach from one station to another.
  • You note down the train number, then by going to Spot Your Train and entering the train number, its current status can be known.
  • The advantage of this will be that if the train is delayed, you will leave home as per its time, or you will get time to take any kind of decision, so that you can avoid unnecessary problems.  

Scheduled time :

  • Through the internet on your mobile, go to this link http://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/mntes/q?opt=MainMenu&subOpt=trainSchedule&excpType to find out whether the train is on its scheduled time or not. Can.
  • For this, after opening this link, you will have to enter the name or number of the train and the date of journey, so that all the information will be available to you.

Rescheduled Time:

  • Through this link only we can find out the rescheduled time of trains through our mobile http://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/mntes/q?opt=MainMenu&subOpt=trainSchedule&excpType.
  • For this, go to the option of rescheduled and after opening the page, enter the train name, type, date of journey.
  • All the information about the rescheduling of the train and how long it will be delayed will be available to you.
  • If there is a change in the timing of any train, it can also be detected through mobile, for this we will not need to stand in long queues at railway inquiry centres.
  • We can find out its time by visiting various apps and websites.

Checking seat availability in train:

Whatever train you are traveling in or thinking of doing, the first thing to do is to reserve your seats in the train, for this now there is no need to waste time by going to the ticket reservation counter, rather this Now work can be done easily sitting at home. Which trains run on the route where you are planning to travel and how many seats are available in them. To know this, you can easily use your mobile by calling 139 through SMS or look at various websites through your mobile through the internet. One of those websites is https://indiarailinfo.com. Or you can also see it in the website given above. You can use this facility by downloading IRCTC mobile app in your mobile.

  • For booking and availability of tickets through IRCTC app, open this app.
  • Train ticket will be visible there, on clicking which you will get the option to enter your user name and password. After creating an account in IRCTC, you will get the option to log in.
  • Then after opening the page, you will see many options of trains by entering the name and number of the train.
  • Seat availability will also be shown in this. In this way you can book your ticket as per the availability of seats.           

Cancellation of Ticket:

Mobile has brought revolutionary changes in the modern era, through it we can easily do big work even sitting at home. Now we can cancel our tickets through mobile also. For this, many websites are available to us through Railways, on which we can go and cancel our ticket 4 hours before the journey. For this, we can also use the mobile number 139 which you have filled in your ticket application to cancel the ticket. Due to cancellation, some amount of your ticket payment will be deducted and returned to you. Before ticket cancellation, you are given OTP number i.e. one time password. After this, you can cancel your ticket by going to this link https://www.irctc.co.in/eticketing/loginHome.jsf through the net, open it from your mobile and select cancel ticket here. Information about its cancellation will come on your mobile.You can cancel your e-ticket through this.

  • While logging in to IRCTC, small words and numbers will appear below, after entering which you will be logged on.
  • The page of the mail you received while booking the ticket will open in which all the information is written.
  • It is also mentioned in this that you will have to cancel the ticket before the chart is prepared. There appears an option to cancel the ticket, by clicking on which you are then confirmed that you want to cancel.
  • After this, as soon as you press the OK button, your ticket gets canceled and you are informed through e-mail. Also, you will receive the amount of e-payment made by you soon, this is mentioned in the mail.

Transferred Train:

Details of all the information will be available to you through this link only, for this you can visit this link http://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/mntes/q?opt=MainMenu&subOpt=trainSchedule&excpType We will transfer the train through mobile. Can be detected. Sometimes, due to some reason, the regular route of the railway is changed and the railway reaches its passengers to their destination through some other route. We can find out this through Rail App and Rail Website.

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