2 Reasons Why The Color Of Gas Cylinder Is Red

Why is the color of gas cylinder red? This question must have come to your mind many times and today we are going to tell you about this. In earlier times, wood stoves were used for cooking. Due to which a lot of pollution was also caused, but as technology progressed, humans discovered such a gas which burns easily without any smoke and causing less pollution. With the help of this gas, cooking has become much easier than before. Now this LPG gas is being used for cooking almost everywhere. There are many benefits of using this gas, it saves both time and effort. That's why most people use LPG gas for cooking.

Why is the color of gas cylinder red?

There are many companies in the country which are providing LPG gas. The Government of India is also motivating people to use LPG gas so that the pollution caused by wood stoves in the environment can be reduced. At present there would hardly be any person who has not seen a gas cylinder. After looking at the gas cylinder, only one question arises that why is the color of the gas cylinder red and why is it not painted in some other color? There are many companies in the country and all their LPG cylinders are colored red.

There are two main reasons for painting LPG gas cylinders red. The first is that red color is a sign of danger since cooking gas cylinders contain LPG gas which is highly flammable. Even though LPG gas helps in cooking, it is no less dangerous. LPG gas catches fire very quickly. In such a situation, LPG gas should be used carefully so that major accidents due to it can be avoided.

The second reason is to identify LPG gas. Let us tell you that the cylinders of different gases are painted with different colors like the cylinders of oxygen gas are painted with white color, the cylinders of carbon dioxide gas are painted with gray color, the cylinders of nitrogen gas are painted with black color. In terms of colour, helium gas cylinders are colored brown and nitrous oxide gas cylinders are colored blue. In such a situation, by looking at the colour, it is known which gas is filled in the cylinder. LPG gas is filled in red colored cylinders so that it can be easily identified among many cylinders.

So now you must have known why the color of the gas cylinder is red. You must have known that there are two main reasons for this. First, this color symbolizes danger and LPG is no less than a danger, while the second reason is the presence of gas in the cylinder. The gas has to be identified. Now if someone asks you this question then you can answer him with reason.

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