How Suraj Rox became the king of YOUTUBE?

There was a time when everyone used to talk different things about Suraj Rox's videos, but today the same people are forced to praise Suraj Rox. Suraj Rox has made millions of people laugh with funny video content, and has touched their hearts. Has achieved success in making a place in. Friends say that no one knows when someone's luck will change. Suraj Rox has changed his own luck with hard work. Suraj Rox is becoming very famous these days.

Suraj Rocks' followers are continuously increasing in his social media account. Suraj Rock, who comes from a small village, has also taken the glden play button of YouTube. If you are also a fan of Suraj Rox and want to know what is his whole life store, let us know about Suraj Rox.

Suraj Rox was born and is a resident of Koderma district of Jharkhand state. Suraj Rox was born from a very poor family where his father is a farmer and mother is a housewife. Friends, it is not a common thing to come out of a small village and make such a big name. To achieve this position, Suraj Roshni has worked hard.

Suraj Rox Biography

  • Name: Suraj kumar
  • Nick Name: Suraj Rox
  • Suraj Rox mobile no:- 95707026xx
  • Fathers Name:  Not Know
  • Mothers Name: Not Know
  • Brothers Name: Not Know
  • State: Jharkhand
  • Passion: Social Media
  • Net Worth: 1-2.5 lakh (per month)
  • Cast: Hindu
  • Home Town: Kandroma

Soraj Rox Imporntent Socail media link

  • facebook  
  • Instagram: Suraj.Rox. 1654
  • YOUTUBE The Comedy Kingdom , Suraj Ka Adda ,REAL FOOLS

Suraj Rox Which social media did you join first?

Friends, Suraj Rox started his social media journey with TIKTOK , he used to post short videos, after that he started posting shorts videos continuously on YouTube Facebook Instagram chilli moj, initially Suraj Rox's videos used to get less views, he continued his work and gradually People started liking their content and their fans also started increasing

First of all, Suraj Rocks became famous on Chilli platform, after that he started increasing his subscribers on TikTok YOUTUBE. Friends, you will be surprised to know that today millions of views are received on every social media.

Suraj Rox Personal Life

Suraj Rocks' family includes his parents and a brother who always helps Suraj Rocks in making videos. It is a good thing that Suraj Rocks gets full support from his family. Both Suraj Rocks's father and brother have supported me from the beginning. Suraj's brother helps in the management of video editing and back screen.

Loves his family very much and fulfills the wishes of his parents. For which Suraj Rocks works hard day and night and I want to tell you that Suraj Rocks is currently single, Suraj Rocks neither has a girlfriend nor is he married.

What is Suraj Rox net worth?

Suraj Rox earns around Rs 2-2.50 lakh per month. Suraj Rox has also built his house with the earnings of YouTube. Suraj Rocks has also bought a bike and a car for himself with the earnings from YouTube, which Suraj Rocks has revealed in one of his interviews. Let us also tell you that Suraj Rocks has recently joined YouTube for video editing and writing. YouTube studio has also been built for this, in which Suraj Rocks has spent approximately Rs 15 to 17 lakhs.

Suraj Rocks now works from this studio where he does video editing, script writing and planning. There are about eight people working in the team members of Suraj Rocks, in which 6 people are seen with Suraj Rocks and two people are seen behind the camera.

F&Q Suraj Rox 

Q What is Suraj Rox's mobile number?

ANS:- 95707026xx

Q Suraj Rox blogs from which state?


Q How many followers does Suraj Rox have on Instagram?

ANS:- 6 M 

Q How many followers does Suraj Rox have on YOUTUBE? 


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