Best Billing Websites, App For Android 2024

Billing Websites:- Are you troubled with lots of billing forms? Or you have a business like restaurant, grocery, medical etc. and you have to store all the bills of your customers, but it takes a lot of time to keep the bills offline and make a list of them all.

In this digital era, work can be done not hard but smartly, today there are many billing software in the market with the help of which you can easily generate bills and create invoices. Apart from this, many features are provided in these websites. are

Today we will learn and know all these things in detail, in this article I will tell you what is a billing website, what are its features and which are the best billing software which we can use in our business. Be sure to read this article till the end because it is a very important information and is also useful for everyone.

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What Is Billing Website 

A billing website is an online platform that helps you in paying bills. You can use a billing website in your small and big enterprises where you have the complete list of goods and services sold to your customers.

Earlier, when there was no technology , sellers used to manually generate bills and give bills to their customers, which required a lot of time and paper, but now all these problems are not seen because all these works can be done online through the billing website on their mobile, laptop, tablet. etc. can be done on all devices.

Apart from this, there are many benefits of a billing website and it can also be used for many purposes which we will understand below.

Features of Billing Website

There are many advantages and features of a billing website due to which it is used in very large areas. Apart from selling goods to customers, a billing website has many functions like:-

1. Inventory Management :-

There are many billing websites that provide inventory management features. Inventory management means keeping track of the goods present in your shops, that is, in this feature you can manage the inventory of goods in your shops so that your You can keep track of which items are there in the shop and which ones have been exhausted through Inventory Management.

2. Reporting :-

Reporting features help you manage your financial information on your stores like how much money you have spent, which of your items are selling the most, how much profit you have made in the month and which of your customers are the most popular. are demanding etc., all this information is reported.

Its biggest advantage is that you can see whether your shop is running or not or you can focus your attention on the item which is selling the most and invest your money, in this way your money will not get wasted or You will have to face some kind of financial problems.

3. GST Compliance :-

There are many billing websites that offer GST compliance features. The advantage of these features is that they allow you to pay your taxes on time and avoid fees. Additionally, it makes it easier to enter data into the GST portal in GST compliance. Because GST registration is very important for doing business in India and GST compliance makes it easy to do these things in billing software.

4. Recurring Invoices :-

The advantage of recurring invoice features is that you do not need to create regular invoices again and again. Once you create the invoice manually, the rest of the work is done automatically by the billing software. This saves your time and the chances of making mistakes are also less.

5. Automatic Backup :-

With automatic backup features, billing software stores your data by taking backup of bills, inventory data etc. Its biggest advantage is that you do not have to worry about losing your data in case any technical problem arises. Additionally, there are many billing software that allow you to choose where to store your data.

6. Accurate Billing :-

In the accurate billing features of the billing software, you are given correct and accurate information about the goods sold by your customers in the bill, so that your customers remain confident in you. All these tasks are done automatically by the billing software so that there is no human error. The problem should not be seen.

7. Customized Billing :-

As the name suggests, customized billing means that you can customize the billing in this feature like – designing and arranging the bill, creating a logo for your company, etc. and many other tasks are done in one billing. You can customize them all manually.

Billing website has so many features, apart from this it also has many benefits like – Billing software provides the facility of making payment so that customers can pay you from anywhere, after this comes the matter of payment receipt, this feature has the advantage of The software automatically generates a receipt which includes information like amount paid, date of payment, payment method and bill details etc.

Best Billing Websites List

Today there are many billing websites available in the market which are famous for their respective features and functions, here we will understand about some of the best websites which are easy to use and useful for almost all businesses, so they are included in the best billing websites. Has – Khatabook, Mybillbook, Zoho Invoice, FreshBooks etc.

1. Khatabook

Khata Book Biling App

Khatabook is India's largest business management platform. It was established in January 2019. It is a very fast growing website and is used on a very large scale. This website is used to manage and track the bills of small and big merchants, apart from this you can also make payments through this website, let us understand about its features:-
  • It has an inventory management feature that allows you to track the stock in your stores so that the website alerts you if there is low stock.
  • In this you can create invoices and share them with your customers.
  • You can manage multiple businesses from one account.
  • It includes the feature of automatic backup i.e. your data gets backed up whenever you are securely connected to the internet.
  • It includes the facility of reports related to GST and business, through which you can very easily run your business and get information related to GST.
  • You can use Khatabook on all devices. Its app is also available so that you can download it on your mobile device and manage your business transactions.
  • This software supports many languages including Hindi.
  • You can use Khatabook for free.

2. Zoho Invoice

Zoho invoice

Zoho Invoice is the best invoicing software which is best for small businesses. It was established in March 2008. Through this software, you can send GST invoices, keep track of expenses and make payments. Apart from this, you can create invoices in just a few seconds with Zoho Invoice, there are many other features of this software like:-
  • In this you can customize your invoice template.
  • This software supports more than 10 languages and you can invoice customers in their own language.
  • You can schedule the invoice for future. You just have to set the date, after that this software will automatically send the invoice to your customers.
  • You get the facility to schedule recurring invoices in this software so that you do not need to create invoices again and again.
  • You can use this software on all your devices and can also download its mobile application and can easily create and send invoices to your customers anywhere and anytime.
  • You can also use it for free.

3. Fresh book's

FreshBooks software is an accounting software specially designed for small businessmen. It was established in 2004. With the help of this software, you can create invoices, allow your customers to make payments in the invoice itself and Can track expenses etc.

This software lets you take pictures of your receipts and send email receipts to your account. But you cannot use this software for free forever, you are allowed to do a trial of 30 days only for testing. You can also use this software in your mobile application so that you can easily create and send invoices and billing on the go. Apart from this, it has other features like:-
  • In this website you can customize your invoice i.e. choose template, create logo, color and font etc.
  • This software allows you to make online payments for your customers.
  • FreshBooks makes invoicing and billing for businesses simple and easy.
  • Expense tracking facility is also provided in this software so that you can track your expenses and keep an eye on how much of your money is going where.

4. myBillBook


myBillBook is the best billing and invoicing software which is very useful for small enterprises. It provides you the facility of cloud storage and you can use it in offline mode also. In this you can manage invoicing and accounting very easily, apart from this you can use this software in all devices. Let us understand about its features:-
  • In this software you can create invoices and customize GST and non-GST invoices. Apart from this you can also print invoices in A4 and A5 size.
  • Inventory management facility is provided in this software which helps you in tracking and monitoring the stock of your goods.
  • You can send reminders (notifications) to your customers directly in WhatsApp for payment.
  • The user interface of this software is quite simple, you can use myBillBook application and website even without any technical knowledge, apart from this this application is absolutely free and its paid versions are also available, if you want additional features then you can buy its paid versions. can buy.
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FAQs on Billing Website

Q1. Is it safe to enter payment information on a billing website?
Ans – Yes, it is safe to enter payment information on the billing website but whether it is completely safe or not depends on which website you are using, so always try to use a trusted website. And also review its rating.

Q2. Are billing websites accessible on mobile devices?
Ans – Yes, there are many billing websites which can be used on mobile devices also, the biggest advantage of billing on mobile is that most of the people use mobile and can do billing instantly from their mobile while on the go. Therefore, the developer has made available the facility of many billing websites for mobile also.

Q3. What information is required for billing?
Ans – For billing, many of the following information are required which are related to your business and your company like – your name, address, mobile number, email address, payment method (eg – debit card, credit card, net banking, UPI), Account number etc. are some of the information which are necessary but apart from this, more information may be required, it depends on your company and services.

Q4. Can I schedule future payments on a billing website?
Ans – Yes, there are many billing websites that allow scheduling future payments. By doing this you can pay your bill on time and avoid any extra charges.

Q5. Can I download invoices or receipts from a billing website?
Ans – Yes, almost all billing websites allow downloading of invoices or receipts and you can send these invoices to working companies and clients. Apart from this, you can see where and how much you have spent.

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