What is Uttarkashi Tunnel Accident :Uttarkashi Tunnel latest News

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You all must be aware of the state of Uttarakhand, which is called the city of Gods and if seen, Uttarakhand is mostly surrounded by mountains and earlier it used to be a part of Uttar Pradesh, in the year 2000 it was separated and named Uttarakhand. If it is done, it remains a topic of discussion every year on some topic or the other, sometimes due to floods, sometimes due to earthquakes, or due to the beauty of its unique nature, it remains a topic of discussion, but this time, It has become a topic of discussion, it is in a different way, here a tunnel is being constructed at Uttarkashi place in Uttarakhand, where news has been received about the collapse of that tunnel due to which 14 of our laborers are trapped inside that tunnel for many days. While the rescue teams are working continuously day and night and are trying to rescue them. You will get detailed information about it further in our article.

What is Uttarkashi Tunnel Accident :Uttarkashi Tunnel latest News

Where is Uttarkashi Tunnel located?

Uttarkashi Tunnel is located in the state of Uttarakhand. This is a special type of tunnel being built. This tunnel is being built in Silkiara-Barkot. And this part has collapsed. Here, the journey to Char Dham can be easily done through this tunnel. This tunnel of Uttarakhand is being built through a tunnel under the mountains. This tunnel of about 4.5 kilometers is being built and this tunnel After it is built, people will get a lot of convenience in commuting. This tunnel is being constructed near the National Highway Yamunotri or the tunnel became the topic of discussion when the laborers were doing the hard work of constructing the tunnel. When they went inside, at that very moment the tunnel completely collapsed and the tunnel caved in. Workers are trapped at least 200 meters around our 41 workers. The Uttarakhand government is making all-out efforts to evacuate these workers.

Under which projects is this being built?

This tunnel was being constructed under the highway projects and due to the collapse of the tunnel, its work has been disrupted and now it remains to be seen whether this tunnel will be completed on time or not.

Possible reason for Uttarkashi tunnel collapse

The possible cause of the tunnel's collapse is not yet known, but the reason for the tunnel's collapse could be that when the tunnel was being constructed, a weak rock was left in it, which could cause the tunnel to collapse later. Kind of demolished.

Features and Benefits of Uttarkashi Tunnel

  • The main feature of the tunnel is that it is 4.5 kilometers long and is also quite large in width. Which can be easily reached by your vehicles.
  • After the tunnel is built, the journey to Char Dham can be done easily without any hindrance.
  • This tunnel will also prove beneficial for the people living in Uttarkashi because it is better to complete the journey in less time by passing under a tunnel than the long route.
  • Due to the construction of this tunnel, many people got employment so that their daily life could run smoothly.

What are the important aspects of tunnel construction?

Drill and Blast Method – In the tunnel being constructed, the tunnel is being constructed through drill and blast method.

Tunnel Boring Machine – Tunnels are also being constructed through this machine and it is a very expensive technology.

Where are the 41 laborers trapped inside the tunnel from?

It is being told that the 41 laborers who are trapped inside the tunnel are mostly from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. They were working in the construction of that tunnel and the CM of Uttarakhand used to inquire about the well being of the 41 laborers who are trapped. Are there and have also visited there.

Workers came out of Uttarkashi Tunnel, got good news after 17 days

41 laborers trapped in a tunnel in Uttarkashi have come out of the tunnel after 17 days on 28th November. The entire country has received this good news after 17 days. These workers were trapped inside on 12th November, the day of Diwali, and since that day the work of getting them out was going on every day. And success in this work was achieved after 17 days. Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami ji welcomed him and congratulated him.


We have already described in detail about this tunnel being built in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand above and now in the end we would like to say that our 41 laborers who are trapped in the tunnel should come out quickly and resume this work. Complete this task by doing this and it will prove to be very beneficial for people in the future because by reducing the long distance, you can reach your destination in less time.
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