Essay on Importance of Sports in Life

Essay on importance of sports in life


Sports is an important part of our life, it is a source of both our physical and mental development. It is helpful in blood circulation of our body, on the other hand it is beneficial in our brain development. Sports is considered the best means of exercise. Sports are helpful in making our body vigorous, dynamic and energetic.

For a successful person, he should be healthy both mentally and physically. Mental development starts from our school days, but for physical development, exercise is necessary which we get through sports.

Types of games

There are many types of sports which are mainly divided into two categories, indoor and outdoor. Indoor games like cards, Ludo, Carrom, Snakeseed etc. are helpful in entertainment as well as cognitive development, while outdoor games like cricket, football, hockey, badminton, tennis, volleyball etc. are beneficial in keeping the body healthy. The only difference between these two categories is that outdoor games require a large field, this game is helpful in maintaining the fitness and health of our body, whereas indoor games do not require such a large field, they can be played anywhere in the house or courtyard. Can also be played. People of all generations, whether children, young or old, are interested in these games. Outdoor sports are beneficial in our physical development, on the other hand, they keep the body healthy, fit and active, while indoor sports sharpen our mental level. At the same time it is considered an excellent source of entertainment.

Benefits of Sports

In today's busy routine, sports is the only means which helps in our development along with entertainment. It keeps our body healthy and fit. This improves our eyesight, strengthens our bones and improves blood circulation. Our digestive system functions perfectly through sports. Sports is an exercise which develops our brain level and increases the power to concentrate. With this type of exercise, all the body parts work fully, which makes our day good and pleasant. Sports make our body shapely and attractive, which removes laziness and provides energy. Hence keeps us free from diseases. We can also say that sports plays an important role in the development of a person's personality, it is only through this that a person becomes self-reliant and achieves success in life.

Base of success life

Since ancient times, sports has been considered the basis of living life. It not only develops our body but also makes our life successful. In India, the government honors famous sports players with many awards, awards like Arjuna and Dronachar fall in this category. Women have also made a name for themselves in this direction. Women players like PT Usha, Mary Kom , Saina Nehwal and Sania Mirza have achieved success in different categories of sports. Out of which PT Usha has made the country proud by achieving success in running, Mary Kom in boxing, Saina Nehwal in badminton and Sania Mirza in tennis. Sports are also called a symbol of Indian culture and unity, no caste, language or religion is opposed in it, but anyone of any religion can play it. In this way, sports helps in building a successful life by ensuring the progress of our path.

India's position in the world in sports –

Regarding sports, our country has achieved international success, be it in any field, wrestling, boxing, badminton, shooting, all the categories have gained fame due to their respective skills. Sushil Kumar is the first wrestler to receive a gold medal in the “World Wrestling Championship”, female boxer Mary Kom is a famous boxer, who started her career from the state of Manipur, who has been awarded various awards by the Government of India like Padma Shri Arjun Award, Rajiv Gandhi Sports Awarded with awards etc. India has also achieved success in the Olympic Games organized at the international level, which are held every four years. In the year 2012, India has made itself proud by getting 6 medals - 4 bronze and 2 silver. Indian players have also made their name famous at the world level in other international games like Commonwealth Games and Asian Games.

Make sports your career

Today sports has great importance in our lives, many people see sports as a career and work hard to make a career in it. Today, despite cricket being a game, millions of people want to make their career in cricket. If you also want to make your future in any sport, then start trying from today itself. Because in future these sports are going to play an important role in your life. You can make your future in tennis, kabaddi, wrestling and chess.


Just as it is very important for our body to be healthy to run our life systematically, similarly exercise is very important for the complete development of our body. Participating in sports provides good exercise to our body, it is very important in both mental and physical development of children and youth. Some parents consider sports as a mere means of entertainment and oppose their children to take interest in sports, but sports is the only exercise which helps in the mental development of our physical organs as well as helps in the balanced development of our brain. Therefore, we can say that sports have a very important place in our lives. This makes a person self-confident and progressive. We just need to increase the interest of this new generation in sports along with bookish knowledge and provide all the resources which will help them to grow in sports also. Some great man has said that a healthy mind develops in a healthy body, healthy life is the key to achieving success, thus sports is helpful in making our life successful.

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