Biography of Bobby Deol: Film 'Animal' Star Bobby Deol Biography

Bobby Deol's biography, film 'Animal', age , picture, wife , whom he married , father , brother , family , net worth ( Bobby Deol Biography) ( Film ' Animal ', Fees for Animal , Look , Age , Wife , Family , Father , Mother , Son , Net Worth , Upcoming Movies and TV Shows )

Every day she remains in the news due to her Bollywood movies and her work in the film industry remains a topic of discussion every day and her new movies and the actors or actresses acting in them are known for their acting. I am going to add the name of such a person who surprises everyone with his acting. The name of this great personality is Bobby Deol, who has won the hearts of people with his acting and has maintained a place in their hearts. You must have seen that today he He has been acting since a long time and he has made such a dangerous come back look in his new movie that people are amazed with his acting. Let us discuss something about life and also talk about the latest movies that are going to come.

Biography of Bobby Deol: Film 'Animal' Star Bobby Deol Biography

Biography of Bobby Deol (Bobby Deol Biography)

  • Full Name: Vijay Singh Deol
  • nick name: Babi Deol
  • Birth: 27 January 1969
  • birth place: Maharashtra
  • father's name: Dharmendra Kumar
  • mother's name: Prakash Kaur
  • brother's name: sunny deol
  • wife's name: Tanya Ahuja
  • Children: Two
  • Religion: Sikh
  • Caste: Punjabi
  • eye color: Black
  • first movie:  Dharam Veer (Child Art Car)
  • latest movie: Animal

Who is bobby deol

The name Bobby Deol does not need any identity, it remains on people's lips because whenever his movies and web series come, they are so powerful that the only thing that comes out of people's tongue is this. Bobby Bhai's movie has come and if we talk about Bobby Deol, then Bobby Deol is no longer an actor. He has been acting for at least 20 years and is still acting as an actor. He has a very old relationship with the film industry. Because his father is also an actor in the film industry, he has worked in many movies with his father, brother and many others. If we look at the bug of acting, then he got it from his family only, because his father and brother are all actors who still hold a place in the hearts of people with their acting.

Bobby Deol's Birth, Caste, Family, Early Life (Bobby Deol , Birth , Caste , Family , Age , Early Life)

Bobby Deol is an Indian actor who resides in Maharashtra. He was born on 27 January 1969. He was born in a Punjabi family. He was the second son of Dharmendra and Prakash Kaur and his place of birth is also Maharashtra. If we talk about his family, If you do, his father's name is Dharmendra, who himself is a famous actor and his brother's name is Sunny Deol, who remains in the news about his upcoming movie. Talking about Sunny Deol, then who knows his brother Sunny Deol? I don't know if one such film comes out in a year that remains the topic of discussion throughout the year. Bobby Deol married Tanya Ahuja in 1996 and they have two children.

Bobby Deol Education

Bobby Deol completed his primary education while staying in Maharashtra and he has also done graduation. Let us tell you from where he got his primary education. He got primary education from Jamuna Bai Nursery School, Bombay Maharaj and Mayon College, Ajmer. After completing his schooling, Bobby Deol is a graduate in commerce. He did his graduation from Mithibai College, Mumbai. Apart from films, Bobby Deol is also fond of playing cricket.

Bobby Deol Acting Career

Debut and commercial success (1995 to 2002)

  • Bobby Deol first acted in the movie Dharamveer in 1977 in which he played a child character.In 1995, Bobby Deol played the role of a quiet boy with Twinkle Khanna in his adult movie Badal, who lives in a small village. In this movie, the boy is very intelligent and the movie helped him on all the stairs of success. had crossed.
  • In 1997, Bobby Deol acted in the suspense thriller movie Gupt The Hidden Truth and it is said that this movie played an important role in his success and after that he worked with Aishwarya in a movie which started opening the way to success.
  • In 1998, he also acted in Vinod Khanna's film Qarib, in which Bobby Deol played the character of Birju who lives in Himachal Pradesh and is an irresponsible citizen.
  • In 1999, Bobby Deol also worked in Dillagi, which was directed by his elder brother Sunny Deol.
  • In 2000, he appeared in the action drama Badal with Rani Mukherjee under the direction of Rajkavar, playing the role of a dreaded terrorist. Bobby Deol increased his fame by working in the famous Prapti movies like Bichchu. In this era of success, Bobby Deol did back to back movies with very good movies and success kissed his feet.
  • In 2001, Bobby Deol kept himself ahead by playing a character in the movie Aashiq.
  • In 2002, Sunny Deol's film Bhagat Singh, which was being directed by his brother, made a lot of headlines and Bobby Deol emerged as a powerful actor in the role of Bhagat Singh. He was also criticized in this movie. But he played the character of Bhagat Singh in this movie very well.

Career decline and sabbatical (2004 to 2013)

  • In 2003, Bobby Deol took a sabbatical, then in 2004 he made a comeback and emerged as a good actor by working in movies like Kismat and Ab Tumhe Hawale Watan Saathiyon, but the movie did not become so popular and it did not earn much at the box office. Pai was as expected but it had big actors in it who also did good work and Bobby Deol's work was also very good. In this he was playing a Punjabi character.
  • In 2005, Bobby Deol acted in movies like Jurm, Tango Charlie and Barsaat, but this movie was a very good movie in terms of acting and the story was also good, but this movie did not fare as well at the box office as was expected. It did not hit that much and proved to be a commercial disaster. Then he continued doing his movie related work in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 20011 but was not able to give as famous movies as when the movies were given between 1995 and 2002.
  • In 2012, Bobby Deol worked in the movie Players like Ek Dakaati, where he was a magician who was an expert in spreading illusions.

Back in 2017

  • As soon as he returned, he made a comeback with his brother Sunny Deol with Poster Boy which completely flopped at the box office.
  • Then in 2018, Bobby Deol made a comeback by playing the character of a boy named Yash in Salman Khan's film Race 3 and here both his character and acting were good. This movie was criticized but this movie had earned 303 crores all over the world. .
  • In 2018, he once did a movie with his family members in the comedy film Yamla Pagalla Deewana in which Dharmendra, Sunny Deol and many other actors were there.
  • In 2019, she once again made a dent in the hearts of people by acting well in a film Housefull 4 and this film broke all the records of commercial success by earning Rs 300 crores.
  • You people must have seen the web series named Ashram because this web series broke records and also gained fame because both the web series of Ashram have come, Episode Vice and the film industry was surprised by Bobby Deol's explosive acting in this. Went.
  • In 2023, Bobby Deol has made his character even more famous by entering as a explosive villain in the film 'Animal' in which he played the role of a villain.

Bobby Deol received awards

  • Screen Award – 1996
  • Filmfare Award – 1996
  • Star Disk Awards – 2009
  • Bhaskar Bollywood Award – 2011
  • Producers Guild Film Awards – 2012
  • Filmfare Award OTT – 2021
  • Lions Gold award – 2021
  • Filmfare OTT Awards – 2022

Bobby Deol film 'Animal' review, look

Let's talk about Bobby Deol who is going to be the topic of discussion in 2023. Recently, I watched a movie named Animal. In it, Bobby Deol has surprised his fans by playing the role of a villain very well and seeing this come back, they are very happy with him. The fans are very happy and even those who were not fans have become his fans. By making a explosive entry in the Animal movie, he proved that the lion has not grown old yet. His upcoming movie of 2023 can prove to be the best movie of 2023 because of his personality and his The body is very good to be seen in this movie and if seen, Bobby Deol is able to entertain his fans also in this movie.
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