Esha Deol And Bharat Divorce News – Why are Esha and Bharat separating after 12 years?

After 11 years of marriage, Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani have announced their separation. They confirmed this in a joint statement, in which they acknowledged that their marriage was over and said that the welfare of their children would be considered paramount.

Esha Deol And Bharat Divorce News – Why are Esha and Bharat separating after 12 years?

Esha Deol and businessman Bharat Takhtani announce separation:

Bollywood diva Esha Deol and businessman Bharat Takhtani confirmed their separation after 11 years of marriage. The two got married in 2012 in a private traditional wedding ceremony at the ISKCON temple in Mumbai. Now, in a joint statement issued by them, the two have made it clear that the welfare and well-being of their children will remain their 'paramount' ambition.

Isha had removed all the pictures of Takhtani from her Instagram, after which rumors of their separation were doing the rounds. Bharat was absent from his birthday celebrations last year, sparking the rumours.

Why did esha deol seperate from her husband

Esha Deol and her husband Bharat Takhtani announced their separation in a joint statement on February 7, 2024, but the specific reasons haven't been publicly disclosed. The statement mentioned an "amicable" and "mutual" decision, prioritizing the well-being of their two daughters. While speculation exists, it's important to respect their privacy and avoid spreading unconfirmed information.

Here's what we do know from public sources:

No specific reason mentioned: Both Esha and Bharat haven't shared the specific reasons behind their separation.

Possible hints in Esha's book: Excerpts from Esha's book "Amma Mia" suggest Bharat felt neglected after the birth of their second daughter, but this hasn't been confirmed as a reason for the separation.

Focus on amicable separation: The couple's statement emphasizes an amicable separation, indicating both parties are committed to a smooth transition for their children.

Isha and Bharat's love story:

Told in an interview, Isha met Bharat for the first time in a school competition 'Cascade', which was organized by her school. He told that he had written his phone number on a piece of tissue and given it to Isha.

”We had a phone in mother's room and no extension. It was very difficult to talk at that time. At that age, it was love and innocence. He was beautiful. Of course, we kept in touch in college, and then my career took off when I was 18. Then after many years the couple decided to get married.


1. Is Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani's marriage over?

Answer: Yes, Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani have decided to end their 11-year-old marriage.

2. What reason has he given for ending the marriage?

Answer: In the joint statement issued by them, they have made it clear that their marriage has ended and the interest and welfare of their children will be considered paramount.

3. What is the love story of Isha and Bharat?

Answer: Isha told in an interview that she met Bharat in a school competition. He told that their love affair had started in class six itself.

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