Bobby Deol's Fees for Animal: A Look at the Numbers

Bobby Deol's role in Sandeep Reddy Vanga's crime thriller "Animal" has generated buzz not only for his performance but also for the reported fees he received. While the exact figure remains unconfirmed, various sources paint a picture of a significant payday for the actor.

Reported Fees:

4-5 Crore: According to several news outlets, including GQ India and The Financial Express, Bobby Deol charged between 4 and 5 crore rupees for his role in Animal. This translates to roughly 480,000 to 600,000 USD.

2 Crore: NDTV reports a slightly lower figure, stating that Bobby received 2 crore rupees for the film. This translates to approximately 240,000 USD.

Comparison with Ranbir Kapoor:

The massive difference in salaries between Bobby Deol and the film's lead, Ranbir Kapoor, has been widely discussed. Reports suggest Ranbir charged a staggering 70 crore rupees for his role, roughly 14 times more than Bobby Deol.

Factors Influencing Fees:

Market Value: Bobby Deol's recent career resurgence, particularly with the success of web series like "Aashram," might have contributed to a higher salary demand.

Role Importance: While Bobby Deol plays a key role in Animal, his screentime is likely significantly less than Ranbir Kapoor's, impacting his overall pay.

Budget: The film's reported budget is 200 crore rupees. Bobby Deol's salary likely reflects the film's overall budget and distribution of resources among the cast.

Unconfirmed Reports:

Some sources suggest that Bobby Deol's initial fee was 4-5 crore but was renegotiated down to 35 crore rupees due to budget constraints. This information, however, remains unconfirmed.


While the exact amount Bobby Deol received for his role in "Animal" is still debated, it's clear that he was compensated handsomely for his performance. The film's success further strengthens his position in the industry, potentially leading to even bigger paychecks in future projects.

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