Poem on Christmas Day: Christmas Day Poem for Kids in English

Poem on Santa Class Christmas Day or Merry Christmas (Merry Christmas or Christmas Day Kavita for Kids in English)

Christmas is the most celebrated festival all over the world. There are many stories related to Santa Claus which are imaginary, but are special for children. On this day, children would write down all their wishes on a page and wish to achieve them, and their parents would fulfill those wishes of the children. We have heard many such stories. When I look back at my childhood, many memories come to my mind, how the Christmas stories used to seem true and today I laugh thinking about them. Still, Christmas Day is special in the company of loved ones. Christmas Day is celebrated every year on 25 December. And many special memories are added to us.

Poem on Christmas Day: Christmas Day Poem for Kids in English

Christmas Day Poem ( Christmas Day Poem for Kids in English)

In the cool breeze

Someone sings Merry Christmas

Every time he brings a bag full of gifts

Mother tells us

He loves children

The lush green Christmas tree

He gives a beautiful decoration

December 25th comes he

Santa-Santa called who||

Santa Claus Christmas Hindi Poem (Merry Christmas Poem )

Papa will come home, he will become Santa.

He will bring lots of toys, we will sing loudly.

Santa has come, Santa has come, Brought a gift, brought a gift.

We want a barbie doll, a lovely shawl for mom.

When the bell rings at night, we will shout Merry Christmas. Jingle bell, jingle bell ||

Will sing loudly, wake up the neighborhood 

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