Animal Movie Review: Ranbir's violent form surprises amidst the moving bullets, read - where did the story of revenge slip?

Animal Movie Review Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna and Anil Kapoor have played lead roles in the film directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga. This is a revenge story with the relationship between father and son at the center of the story. Bobby Deol has played the role of villain in the film. Anil has become the father of Ranbir's character. Rashmika plays the role of Ranbir's character's wife.

Smita Srivastava, Mumbai. After showing the story of an obsessive lover in the superhit film 'Kabir Singh', Sandeep Reddy Vanga has now brought the story of an obsessive son. This larger than life revenge based tale is full of violence, bloodshed and action.

What is the story of Animal movie?

Delhi-based steel businessman Balbir Singh ( Anil Kapoor ) is very busy with work. His son Ranvijay ( Ranbir Kapoor ) considers his father as his hero. He feels that the burden of domestic responsibilities is on him after his father. When his elder sister Reet ( Saloni Batra ) gets harassed in college, he reaches the college with a gun.

Angered by this incident, his father sends him to boarding school. On his return , he marries his school classmate Geetanjali ( Rashmika Mandanna ) in a dramatic sequence. Geetanjali and Ranbir's younger sister Roop (Anshul Chauhan) are friends. Ranbir does not get along with his brother-in-law Varun (Siddharth Karnik).

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The news of the country's richest businessman Balbir getting shot makes headlines in the media. (No police comes here nor does any investigation take place). After learning about the incident, Ranvijay returns home with his wife and two children after eight years. He starts searching for his father's attackers.

He also includes his cousins ​​living in the village with him. While killing his father's enemy, he gets shot six times. He survives, but loses his hearing. After that there is a twist in the story.

How is the screenplay of Animal?

The much awaited film Animal is basically a violence based film . These films have their own structure. They move accordingly. Here the son's unfulfilled desire from childhood to spend time with his father is expressed. The basic question is what does the film say and where does it reach?

It starts off as a father-son story and turns into a revenge drama. The story progresses at a fast pace before the intermission. The story slips after the interval. The film also contains unnecessary sexual dialogues and scenes. Especially the scene of Bobby's character on the sofa with his wife in public.

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Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga keeps a tight grip on the story, but tight editing could have easily reduced the duration of the film. How did Rannvijay, who did 'Papa Papa' stay away from his father for eight years? How did he not miss his father during that time? Hindi films follow a specific pattern.

It is not known who comes and goes from where and when. The side of Balbir's enemies is very weak. Why did he think of killing Balbir after so many years? Why didn't Asrar Haq's ( Bablu Prithviraj ) two brothers come with him? Ranvijay himself is also a father. Although he is not as busy as his father, he still does not spend time with the children.

There is no scene of affection between grandfather and grandchildren. The story seems scattered in between. In the film, everything from the hair on the head to the appendages has been discussed openly. Ranvijay, who is recuperating, is gaining weight. There is also discussion on that. The funny thing is that suddenly that increased weight also disappears.

However, the action of the film is fantastic. Unlike typical Hindi films, there are no bullets fired here, instead it rains heavily. The fight scene between Rannvijay and Abrar Haq ( Bobby Deol ) on the runway is thrilling. The gory scenes at the end of the fight may turn some people off.

How is Ranbir Kapoor's acting?

The responsibility of the film rests on the shoulders of Ranbir Kapoor. Undoubtedly Ranbir is an amazing actor. Here too he has proved himself in the role of a son obsessed with his father. He has completely imbibed Rannvijay's mentality, passion and enthusiasm. Bobby Deol looks good in the brief role of the villain . There was a need to expand upon his character and his family issues.

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There have been one or two emotional scenes in Rashmika Mandanna 's part, scenes of quarrel between husband and wife and kissing scenes. Anil Kapoor does justice to his character. In one scene, Ranvijay becoming a father and Balbir becoming a son is effective. This will shock those fathers who do not give time to their children due to work commitments.

Upendra Limaye remains memorable in his brief role. The character of Zoya ( Tripti Dimri ) brings a twist to the story, but not much is known about her. The character of Ranvijay's younger sister Roop (Anshul Chauhan) is useless. There is mention of a sequel at the end of the film. Perhaps because of this many questions have been left unanswered. The music of the film suits the Punjabi background and is melodious.

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