Who is Sajid Mir, latest news (Sajid Mir in English, News)

Who is Sajid Mir, Latest News, Terrorist Activities, Mumbai 26/11 Terrorist Attack, Age , Caste ( Sajid Mir in Hindi , News ) ( Terrorist , Age , Caste , Mumbai Terrorist Attack )

Recently a terrorist has become a topic of discussion because this terrorist has destroyed the houses of many innocent people. He used to plan bombings and keep doing terrorist activities to maintain his terrorism and recently there is news that an attempt was made to kill him by poisoning him who is currently admitted in the hospital. You can get the complete detailed description about Sajid Mir, a terrorist, in this article.

Who is Sajid Mir, latest news (Sajid Mir in English, News)

Biography of Sajid Meer (Sajid Meer Biography in English)

Full Name Sajid Mir
Birth1 January 1976 or 31 January 1978
birth placepakistan lahore
terrorist organizationLashkar-e-Taiba
other namesSajid Majid, Sajid Majid Choudhary, Uncle Bill
Criminal Penalty15 years and Rs 4,20,000 penalty
ConvictionAnti Terrorist Court of Pakistan
wantedIndia and FBI had declared Sajid Mir wanted.

Who is Sajid Mir?

Sajid Mir is the same terrorist who was the biggest conspirator of India's 26/11 terrorist attack which took place at Taj Hotel Mumbai. It was he who carried out the 26/11 terrorist activities along with his terrorist associates. After seeing the terrorist activities of Sajid Mir, it seems that such terrorists should not get a place to live anywhere and such terrorists should be kept away from all the countries and abroad. Let us tell you about this terrorist, where he was born and where his family lived earlier.

Sajid Mir Birth and Age

Terrorist Sajid Mir was born on 31 January 1976 in Lahore, Pakistan. Sajid Mir was born in Lahore, Pakistan, was brought up and brought up there and came out as a terrorist from there.

Sajid Mir Family , Religion , Caste

Sajid Mir was from a middle class family. If we talk about the religion of Sajid Mir, his religion is Islam and he is a Muslim. Earlier his entire family lived in undivided India. After partition, the entire family moved to Pakistan where they started living in a place called Lahore. If we talk about his family, his father's name was Abdul Majid, who used to do textile business. Sajid was the son-in-law of a military officer.

Sajid Mir Look

height 165 to 168 cm
eye color light brown and black
body color Light dark.
Sajid Mir's look was such that he had big eyes and a beard on his face and a burning feeling in his eyes. His height can be estimated at 165 to 168 centimeters and his eyes are light brown and black and he is very handsome in appearance. Mild embarrassment is felt when pictures or photos are shown in reports and news channels or papers.

Sajid Mir, the main conspirator of Mumbai 26/11 attack

India 26/11 Mumbai attack which was carried out in Taj Hotel was a very terrible accident and many innocent people lost their lives, among them were policemen living in Mumbai, India, who lost their lives and we are not talking about this. It can be said that our policemen lost their lives in fact they were martyred. The main conspirator behind all this was Sajid Mir who used to make plans to destroy any place everywhere. India's biggest enemy Sajid Mir had planned the Mumbai attack. After the attack, he had changed his face and got facial plastic surgery done so that no one could recognize him. America's intelligence agency FBI had provided information about plastic surgery.

Sajid Mir changed his face after Mumbai attacks

Sajid Mir is the same main conspirator who had organized an attack through a conspiracy to destroy Mumbai, an economic state or city in India. After the attack, he was saved, after which he covered his face with plastic. Had got surgery done, so that no one could recognize him and he started roaming around again, but later he was caught and this plastic surgery thing was told by America's intelligence agency FBI that Sajid Mir had done plastic surgery to his face. Have changed through. But even after changing his face, he could not escape and was caught and imprisoned for 8 years.

Sajid Mir declared most wanted terrorist

After the attack in India, the attack remained in the news for many days because it was being found out who could be the cause of this attack, after that when the reason for the attack was known, India declared Sajid Mir as most wanted and Along with this, America agency FBI also declared him wanted. FBI also told that Sajid Mir has also got plastic surgery done to change his face.

Sajid Mir was kept in Pakistan jail

India's main enemy Sajid Mir has been kept in the Central Jail of Dera Ghazi Khan in Pakistan because he is being kept in this jail because a terrorist used to finance a dangerous terrorist group as well as provides shelter to the terrorists. He was brought to this jail some time ago and also provided money to them and he has also been accused of financing terrorists. He has been sentenced for 8 years. Till now he is in jail and this jail is in Pakistan.

Terrorist Organization Lashkar-e-Taiba’s

Lashkar-e-Taiba, which is a terrorist organization, Sajid Mir is the chief planner of this organization, where attacks have to be carried out, he used to get the attacks done by releasing sleeper cells through his organization. It is Sajid Mir who takes responsibility for the foreign affairs of this organization. The attack that was carried out in Mumbai was also carried out by this organization. This organization is a terrorist organization which was run by Sajid Mir. That is, Mumbai attack 2008 was carried out by this same terrorist group, and along with this, Australia attack 2003 was also carried out by this same group.

Sajid Mir convicted, arrested in 2022

At first Pakistan told that Sajid Mir was dead but later it was revealed that Sajid Mir was arrested in 2022 and lodged in a Pakistani jail. Sajid Mir was imprisoned for 15 years along with a fine of Rs 4,20,000.

Latest news of Sajid Mir (Sajid Mir News in English)

At present, Sajid Mir is in the news because now there is news from Pakistan that an attempt was made to kill Sajid Mir by poisoning him in the jail itself because due to his health deteriorating, he was admitted to the hospital, but now Pakistan authorities are in the news. No news related to this has come out yet, but another enemy of India has reached the brink of death.

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