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Although thousands of tourists visit Lakshadweep every year, it gained even more popularity when Prime Minister Modi ji visited Lakshadweep on 7 or 8 January in the year 2024. After this the tourism of Lakshya Island got a lot of support. At the same time, big celebrities of the country also inspired people to visit Lakshadweep and thus it is now being estimated that there is going to be a huge increase in the tourist business of Lakshadweep in this year itself. Because many people of the country have already made plans to go to Lakshadweep and have also booked tickets. There are many people who want to go to Lakshadweep but want to know which are the places to visit in Lakshadweep. Therefore, for such people, we have given information about “Top 10 Tourist Places in Lakshadweep” on this page.

Lakshadweep famous tourist destination information

Lakshadweep is a wonderful and popular tourist destination governed by our country which is located in the Arabian Sea. This island is located at a distance of about 300 kilometers from the mainland of India. Every year, domestic and foreign tourists keep coming here to visit. There are 36 islands in Lakshadweep and life is restored on 10. For those who are planning to go to Lakshadweep in the coming time or on holidays, we are providing further information about the best places to visit in Lakshadweep so that you can plan your Lakshadweep vacation properly.

Top 10 Tourism Places in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep: Here we are giving information about 10 such places which are very beautiful and wonderful to visit.

Agatti Island

This is the best place to visit in Lakshadweep, where you can enjoy the natural beauty. Here you can see absolutely clear water. Apart from this, the pleasure of walking on white sand can also be enjoyed here. You see many small beaches here, which are quite thrilling. This island of Lakshadweep is spread over an area of ​​approximately 8 kilometers, where a population of more than 8000 resides. This island is very much known for this snorkeling activity. You can easily see many attractive plants here.

Minicoy Island

Tourists who visit other places to visit in Lakshadweep must also visit Minicoy Deep. The major tourist places in Lakshadweep include Minicoy Island. It is called Maliku in the local language there. This island is located at a distance of about 400 kilometers from the coast of Cochin. Here also you can see attractive white sand. Apart from this, you can also see the beautiful waters present in the Arabian Sea. It is counted among the largest islands of Lakshadweep. You can also see many big resorts here, where you can take a night rest or stay there.

Bangaram Island

This best place to visit in Lakshadweep is situated in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. If we talk about what this island is famous for, then this island is very famous for its beaches. Here you see colorful and different species of fish swimming in the water. Because the water is absolutely clean. If you are fond of watching dolphins then you will also see dolphins here. The view of morning and evening is special here. People who are fond of scuba diving can enjoy scuba diving here. However, you will have to pay a little for this.

Kavaratti Island

This island is the capital of Lakshadweep. Here you see pearly white sand, on which walking in the morning and evening is a different pleasure. You can see many beautiful views here. There are also many coconut trees here, where you can play the game of hide and seek. Its distance from Kochi sea shore is approximately 360 kilometers. Tourists going to Lakshadweep like to visit here also.

Kalpeni Island

The name of Kalpeni Island is also included among the major places to visit in Lakshadweep that we have given you above. It is also known as Koifani Island. Want to tell that, Kalpeni Island has originated by combining Cheriyam, Pitti and Tilakkam Islands. You can enjoy scuba diving here. Apart from this, reef walking can also be done and apart from boating, tourists can also enjoy water sports here.

Marine Museum

The Marine Museum can be seen on Kavarti Island in Lakshadweep. In this museum, you can easily see many artefacts related to the sea, where you can see many fishes living in the sea. Apart from this, you can also see such animals found underwater which you have rarely seen before in your life. Those who are interested in activities like marine life and want to get information related to it, they must visit the Marine Museum once.

Kadmat Island

This is the main tourist destination of Lakshadweep, which is spread over an area of ​​about 9 kilometers. This place is very popular among tourists for its attractive whiteness, sunrise and sunset. Every year lakhs of people go here to visit. Many famous activities like paragliding, scuba diving can be done here. Overall, those who want entertainment should definitely go here.

Amindivi Island

Here you will see such views which will fascinate you. You can see natural beauty on a large scale here. If you are fond of clicking photos, then here you can click wonderful high quality photos of nature in the morning and evening. The most special thing about this island is that only people from India can go here. Foreign people are not allowed to go here.

Yacht cruise

When you visit Lakshadweep, you can enjoy a yacht cruise in the sea. Through this you can enjoy blue water and boating. Not only this, if you want, you can also see the animals walking in the clear water of the sea from very close.


You will find this lighthouse on Minikay Island of Lakshadweep, which is built at a height of about 300 feet from the light house. It was constructed in the year 1985 and since then till now it has stood like a rock. The lighthouse should be visited by people who are fond of clicking photos or making videos.

So friends, which is the best place to visit in Lakshadweep? You must have known this very well! How did you feel after reading this post? Please let us know in the comment box. Also, if you know about any other beautiful place then share it with us in the comment box.

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Q: What is famous in Lakshadweep?

Ans: Minicoy Island, Light Pillar, Yacht Cruise, Agatti Island

Q: How many days are needed to go to Lakshadweep?

Ans: 2 days

Q: What are the five famous tourist places of Lakshadweep?

Ans: Minicoy Island, Agatti Island, Bangaram Island, Kavaratti Island, Kalpeni Island

Q: What is the best time to visit Lakshadweep?

Ans: February to June

Q: How far is Lakshadweep from Delhi by flight?

Ans : 2060KM

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