Baba Siddique Net Worth: Who Is Baba Siddique? One Of Whose Decisions Created Panic In Maharashtra

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Baba Siddique has submitted his resignation letter from the Congress party. He has not yet clarified which team he will join. But in recent times there is speculation that he may join NCP led by Ajit Pawar. Before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra, this is another big blow to the Congress. Earlier, leading Congress leader Milind Deora had also left the party and joined the Eknath Shinde-led Shiv Sena. In this scenario, you get to know more about Baba Siddique.

Baba Siddique Net Worth- Who is Baba Siddique? One of whose decisions created panic in Maharashtra

Baba Siddique Biography

  • Date of birth: not known 
  • Age: not known 
  • Full Name: Baba Siddique
  • Occupation: Politician
  • Father's name: Abdul Rahim Siddique
  • Mother's name: Razia Siddique
  • Wife's name: Shahzeen Siddique
  • Children's names: Zeeshan Siddique, Arshia Siddique
  • Net worth: Approximately 80 crore Indian rupees

Who is Baba Siddique?

Ziauddin Siddique, popularly known as Baba Siddique, is born to father Abdul Rahim Siddique and mother Razia Siddique. He is married to Shahzeen Siddique and has two children – a daughter, Dr. Arshia Siddique, and a son, Zeeshan Siddique, who is a current member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly and President of the Mumbai Youth Congress. Baba Siddique received his education from St. Ann's High School, Mumbai and then from M.M.K. Completed from college.

Baba Siddique: Birth and Family Details

Baba Siddique, an Indian politician whose life has been spent balancing his family and his political career. His father's name is Abdul Rahim Siddique and mother's name is Razia Siddique. His wife's name is Shahzeen Siddique, with whom he has two children: a son, Zeeshan Siddique, and a daughter, Arshia Siddique. Baba Siddique has a deep bond with his family and shares special moments of his life with them.

Baba Siddique's wife

Baba Siddique's wife's name is Shahzeen Siddique. From their marriage, they have two lovely children, and they are living a happy married life.

Baba Siddique 's children

Baba Siddique has two children: a son, Zeeshan Siddique, and a daughter, Arshiya Siddique. They have a deep bond with their children and share special moments of their lives with them.

Baba Siddique is a big name in politics

Baba Siddique enjoys a high position in the politics of Maharashtra. He was an important member of the Congress Party for a long time, and recently bid farewell to the party. In 1999, Baba Siddique took over as MLA from Bandra West Assembly and was re-elected in 2004 and 2009, making him three consecutive terms. Thanks to his experience and contribution, Baba Siddique has served as Taluka President of Bandra Youth Congress (1982), Minister of Food and Civil Supplies, President of Mumbai Regional Congress Committee (2014), Minister of State for Labor and FDA (2004-2008) and many other important Has worked in various positions.

Baba Siddique 's business

Currently, there is no information about the professional details of Baba Siddique, because he does not talk openly about this topic. He is mainly known as a politician. As soon as they reveal about their business, we will provide the information here.

Baba Siddique's political journey details

In the political field, Baba Siddique started his career with active participation in student movements and became a part of the Indian National Congress in his youth in 1977. In 1980 he started working as the general secretary of the Bandra section of the Bandra Youth Congress and was elected as president in the two subsequent elections. In 1988, he was appointed President of the Mumbai Youth Congress and in 1992 was elected as a councilor in the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. In 1999, Baba Siddique won as MLA from Bandra West assembly constituency. From 2000 to 2004, he was appointed Chairman of the MHADA Mumbai Board by the Government of Maharashtra. Furthermore, he was also made the Minister of State for the departments of Food and Civil Supplies, Labour, FDA and Consumer Protection in the Government of Maharashtra.

What is the life story of Baba Siddique?

Baba Siddique's father used to repair watches in Bandra. Siddique also helped his father in his business. His interest in politics arose right from the time of his studies. Working hard, he obtained membership of NSUI Mumbai in 1977. In 1980, he was appointed General Secretary of Bandra Youth Congress and became President in 1982. After this he entered the Municipal Corporation, made his place there, contested elections and was elected to the Legislative Assembly from Bandra West for three consecutive times. He was also a minister from 2004 to 2008. Presently his son Zeeshan Siddique is the MLA from this seat.

What is the secret of Baba Siddique's popularity in Bollywood? 

His political career is well known, but how his connection with Bollywood was formed is an interesting question. Since the initial phase of his political career was in Bandra, where most of the film personalities reside, he met Sunil Dutt. After this he came in contact with Sanjay Dutt and became very close to him. Sanjay Dutt proved to be an important collaborator for him in Bollywood. Sanjay and

Due to Salman's friendship, Sanjay made him meet Salman and from here Baba Siddique's Iftar party started, where many celebrities including Salman attend. Salman has taken Baba Siddique's property on rent, which is located in Bandra.

Rumors of relationship with Dawood Ibrahim!

In many stories of Mumbai, Baba Siddique has been considered the bridge between Bollywood and the underworld. Given Sanjay Dutt's alleged underworld links, Baba Siddique was also speculated to have links with Dawood and D Company. However, after a dispute, Dawood also threatened him. ED had raided his house after his name was linked to the Mumbai slum rehabilitation scam.

Baba Siddique is not just a politician; He has made such a mark in Bollywood that he has become an influential personality. Their invitations are considered set in stone, and celebrities attending their events are considered a given.

Net worth of Baba Siddique

The estimated net worth of Baba Siddique is around 80 crore Indian Rupees. He has earned this money through his personal businesses. Information about Baba Siddique's monthly income can also be seen.


Question 1: Who is Baba Siddique?

Answer: Baba Siddique is an Indian politician, famous for his political career.

Question 2: Who is Baba Siddique's wife?

Answer: Baba Siddique's wife's name is Shahzeen Siddique.

Question 3: How many children does Baba Siddique have and what are their names?

Answer: They have two children: a son, Zeeshan Siddique, and a daughter, Arshia Siddique.

Question 4: What is the net worth of Baba Siddique?

Answer: Baba Siddique's net worth is around 80 crore Indian Rupees.

Question 5: What is the occupation of Baba Siddique?

Answer: Baba Siddique is primarily a politician, and his business details are not currently known.

Question 6: What is the date of birth and age of Baba Siddique?

Answer: The birth date and age details of Baba Siddique are not currently known.

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