Meerut Commissioner in Ghaziabad: Selva Kumari J suddenly reached 'Namo Bharat' station, asked questions and answers to officers

Ghaziabad News: Meerut Divisional Commissioner Selva Kumari J reached Duhai station in Ghaziabad and conducted a surprise inspection of the RRTS corridor. During this, he talked to the officials on cleanliness and safety. Divisional Commissioner traveled by train and reached Ghaziabad station and took stock of the station here also. During this, the District Magistrate of Meerut was also present along with all the concerned officials. It is believed that the visit has been made to see the progress of Meerut South Corridor beyond Duhai. 

This is the whole matter.

Meerut Divisional Commissioner Selva Kumari J conducted a surprise inspection of Namo Bharat Train Duhai Station, Ghaziabad Station, Duhai Depot Station along with IBL Workshop and Administrative Building. During this, the tour was conducted by Meerut Divisional Commissioner Selva Kumari J along with Meerut District Magistrate Deepak Meena, Meerut Development Authority Vice Chairman Abhishek Pandey, Joint Magistrate Meerut Gamani Singla, SDM Sadar Ghaziabad Arun Dixit. During this, Namo inspected Duhai station of Bharat train. 

What happened during the surprise inspection?

After microscopic inspection of Duhai Depot station of Namo Bharat Train, inspection of IBL workshop and administrative building was also done. During the inspection, the Divisional Commissioner took detailed information from RRTS officials on cleanliness, maintenance, inspection, safety and other subjects of trains. He learned in detail and during the on-site inspection, he observed and understood how RRTS ensures the safety of passengers and trains. During these security check surprise inspection, he observed elaborate arrangements for the security of passengers in terms of CCTV, checking etc.

At the end of the inspection, the Divisional Commissioner expressed satisfaction with the working style of the officers and directed them to focus on further improving the above arrangements. The Divisional Commissioner said that security should be checked from time to time.

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