Thousands of Greater Noida residents will not celebrate Holi, people said - builder and government became the reason

Greater Noida West: There are many problems within the housing societies in the district. There are many people who have paid the money for their house, but are still forced to live as tenants. People are suffering from mental stress due to the wrong policies of the builder. Meanwhile, thousands of people living in Greater Noida West have decided that they will not celebrate the festival of Holi this time. Residents say that the builder and the government are responsible for their decision. The builder works on wrong policy and the government is not taking its recovery from him. They are having to suffer the consequences for this.

Why are residents angry?

Actually, residents of Mahagun Mantra-1 Housing Society located in the city will not celebrate Holi this year. People here say that the government has given a waiver of crores of rupees to the builders in the outstanding interest amount. Under the scheme, 25% payment is to be deposited by March 31, 2024 and the remaining in easy installments, but the builder is not paying attention. People were hopeful that after the government's decision, the path to registration would become easier. The residents allege that the builder along with the public representatives and the government have dashed their hopes. The angry residents, under the leadership of Devendra Jakhar, held a meeting in the society park and expressed their displeasure against the builder. It was unanimously decided that on Saturday 22nd February we would go to the builder's office and discuss various issues. 

These people of the society were Present in the meeting.

In this meeting people like Arun Badola, JP Pandey, Rajesh Gupta, Vikas Kumar Singh, Santosh Chaudhary, Mohit Chopra, Gautam Rai, Ravi Raj, Puneet Jha, Kedar Singh and Prabal Sisodia etc. were prominently present. Be present.

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