What is Chinaman Bowling in Cricket? How many Chinaman Bowlers are there in the world [2024]?

What is Chinaman Bowling in Cricket: The word Chinaman Bowling is quite popular in cricket and ever since Chinaman bowler Kuldeep Yadav has joined Team India, this word has become a puzzle for the Indian fans. Today there are many cricket fans who do not know the story behind the Chinaman.

If you also do not know, then today we will tell you where the word Chinaman bowling comes from and what is Chinaman bowling, so let us know how it started.

What is chinaman bowling

In this bowling, the left arm bowler spins the ball not with his fingers but with his wrists and this bowling is called Chinaman bowling. Team India's Kuldeep Yadav is the only player who bowls Chinaman.

Well, let us tell you that there are many bowlers in the world who have become famous by the term Chinaman bowler. Which include the names of West Indies' Ellis Achong and Gary Sobers, England's Johnny Wardley and Australia's Brad Hogg.

Where did the word Chinaman come from?

In the year 1933, a Test match was being played between West Indies and England in Manchester. West Indies included a bowler of Chinese origin , Ellis Achong . Who used to bowl excellently at that time. In this Test match, when England batsman Walter Robins was batting, bowler Ellis Achong bowled a ball which turned from outside the off stump and hit the stump.

What is chinaman bowling

Walter Robbins could not understand this ball at all. While returning to the pavilion after bowling a surprising ball, Robins said to the umpire, 'Chinaman bowled brilliantly'. From here the term Chinaman bowling became popular and later on he came to be called Chinaman.


Question: Why is Kuldeep Yadav called Chinaman?

Answer: Kuldeep Yadav uses his wrists instead of fingers to spin his ball, hence he is called a Chinaman bowler.

Question: How many Chinaman bowlers are there in the world?

Answer: The term Chinaman bowling came into the world in 1933. Since then, names of 30 bowlers have been added to this style. Kuldeep Yadav is the 30th Chinaman bowler in the world and India's first Chinaman bowler.


So now you must have known what is Chinaman bowling. Let us tell you that Kuldeep is the only Chinaman bowler in the history of Indian cricket. Kuldeep Yadav has been performing well since the day he joined the Indian team. If he continues to perform like this then in future. He will become one of the main bowlers of Team India.

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