Lawn Tennis and its Rules | Lawn Tennis rules and regulation

Lawn Tennis rules and regulation in Hindi Tennis is mainly a game played between two players or between two teams of two players. Each player has a racket, with which they have to hit a hollow ball made of rubber. The main objective of this game is to hit the ball in such a way that the opposing player cannot respond to that hit. If the opponent player is not able to respond to the ball hit, then the player who hit it gets a point. This game is played by both men and women. Let us know about it in detail –

Lawn Tennis and its Rules | Lawn Tennis rules and regulation

Lawn Tennis and its Rules | Lawn Tennis rules and regulation

A look at tennis history

Tennis is a very old game. Historians believe that this game is being played since around the 12th century. This game was played in Northern France around the 12th century under the name of 'Game of the Palm'. This game later became famous as tennis. King of France 'Louis X' was very fond of this game. However, Louis He was the first person to do so. The luxurious indoor courts built by him had an impact on many royal palaces in Europe and such tennis courts were built at many places.

The use of rackets for this game started around the 16th century, and it got the name of tennis. Tennis actually comes from the French word 'tenez', which means to catch or receive. This game was played in England and France at that time. Prince Henry VII of England was a great fan and player of tennis. This game was also called real tennis at that time.

The rise of tennis in a new form (Tennis new format)

Around 1859 to 1865, Captain Harry Gem and his friend together developed a game that used rackets and basketball. With this new form of tennis, the game continued to be played in Birmingham, United Kingdom. In 1872, these two friends, along with two other local doctors, established the world's first tennis club in Leamington Spa. After this, around December 1873, British Army officer Major Walter Clopton invented another similar game. Changes have been coming gradually in this game. With time, this game developed a lot and today it is played in the world-class Olympics.

Tennis Sport objective

This game is now played in a quadrangular court. In this court, a net is placed in the middle and divided into two parts. There are players on both sides of the net. The goal of the players is to hit the ball and send it into the opponent's court in such a way that the opponent cannot hit the ball in return. The player who hits first without the opposing player being able to respond gets the point.

Players and Sports Equipment (Lawn Tennis players equipment)

This game is played both singles and doubles. In singles, there is one player on each side of the net, and in doubles, the number of players is two on either side of the net. Some important information related to this game is given below –
  • The racket used in this has synthetic threads, from where the ball is hit, which is in a permanent position. The part of the racket from where the ball is hit is usually oval.
  • The balls used in this are usually made of rubber. On which a special kind of cloth is stitched and applied. According to the International Tennis Federation, the diameter of the ball should be between 65.41 mm to 68.58 mm and its weight should be between 56 to 59.4 grams.
  • The tennis court is 78 feet long and 27 feet wide. In this, center mark, base line service line, center service line, single side line etc. are drawn in white color.
  • The base line and service line represent the width of the court. The double side line represents its length. Beyond this, the center service line divides any side of the net into two parts, the divided area is quadrangular in shape which is called service court.

Tennis Scoring

There are two types of points in this game, which are called set points and match points. The first match point is up to 15 set points, the second match point is up to 30 set points, the third match point is up to 40 set points. That is, if a player's score is 40 set points, then he is in the third match point. To win the game, the player has to win a certain set of points from his opponent. For example, if the opposing player has won 5 match points, then the opposing player will have to make his score 7-5. If this score set becomes 6-6, then the player who scores seventh will win.

Important rules of tennis (Lawn Tennis rules and regulation)

The important rules of tennis are as follows –
  • Before the start of tennis, a toss takes place between the players on both sides. This toss decides which player will serve and from which side of the court. The server serves each point from alternate sides of the baseline.
  • If the server fails to serve on the first serve, he gets a second chance to serve. If this happens the second time, the serving player has to face two faults and hence loses the point. If the ball remains in the service court after serving, you get another chance to serve without any penalty.
  • The receiver can stand anywhere in his court to receive the ball. If the ball is hit into the serve without bouncing, the server gets the point. After serving, there can be countless shots between the two representative players. Meanwhile, if a player fails to deliver the ball to his opponent's scoring area, his opponent gets points.
  • Match points are awarded after crossing a certain number of set points. There is 1 point on 15 score, 2 points on 30 score and 3 points on 40 score. 4 points are needed to win a match.
  • If in a game the score of players on both sides becomes 40 – 40, then this situation is called 'deuce'. To win in case of deuce, a player has to score 2 consecutive points. After deuce, if a player does not win two consecutive points and both are at one point each, then he goes back to deuce position.
  • To win a set, a player has to win 6 games with a lead of 2 or more. If somehow the situation in the opening set becomes 6-6, then it is called a tie barak and the players have to play for the seventh game. After this the players have to play without any tie break.
  • If during the game a player touches the net or harasses his opponent or tries to divert his attention from the game, then by doing so the player automatically loses the point. If the ball falls anywhere inside the line, it is called ball in and if it falls outside the line, it is called ball out.
  • The player loses points if the ball is not returned to the correct part of the court. Apart from this, the player loses points if the ball hits the net, if it is not able to reach the opponent's court or if it is not hit before the ball hits the net twice.
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