History of football game and its rules: Football history rules facts

Football history rules in hindi Football is a world famous game. It is played with great enthusiasm in many countries. A different passion for this game is seen among the people of many big countries like Brazil, Spain, France, Argentina etc. It is a team sport in which two teams play against each other with great enthusiasm. In this, players of a team perform their duties as goal keeper, backie etc. The main objective of this game is to score goals in the opposing team's camp. Games like gridiron football, rugby football etc. also come under football.

History of football game and its rules: Football history rules facts

Many people have different opinions about where the word 'football' originated from. It is believed that since during this game the ball has to be kicked with the foot, hence it got the name football. However, the actual source of origin of this name has not been known. According to FIFA, football is a developed form of the Chinese game Suju. This game was developed in China during the Han Dynasty. This game was being played under the name of Kemari during the rule of Asuka dynasty in Japan. This game has been developed for a long time. Later, in 1586 AD, it was played in Green Land by the workers of a ship captain named John Davis. The journey of football's development was presented in the form of a book by Robert Broz Smith in 1878.

Football in the 15th century

In the fifteenth century, a game called football was played in Scotland. In 1424 AD, it was banned there under the Football Act. Although this ban was soon lifted, but by then people had lost interest in this game and after a long time, its rebirth is seen in the nineteenth century. However, during this period football was being played at many other places.

In 1409, Britain's Prince Henry IV used the word 'football' for the first time in English. Besides this, it also has an extensive history in Latin. Overall, it can be said that today a small looking football contains in itself a very long history.

Some interesting facts of football history (Football history facts)

Glimpses of some important facts of this history are given below.
  • In the year 1486 it was said that 'football' is more of a special kind of ball than a game. This statement is contained in the book of St. Albans.
  • In 1526, King Henry VIII of England ordered for the first time to make a pair of shoes for playing football, which could be worn easily to play football.
  • In 1580, a poem by Sir Philip Sidney described a special kind of football played by women.
  • For the first time in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, the concept of 'goal' appeared in the game to bring a sense of competition into the game. For this, the players constructed goal posts by planting bushes at two opposite ends of the field. At that time a match of eight or twelve goals was played.
  • Since the Middle Ages, there has always been a ban on football.
  • This law was passed for the first time in Britain in 1314. After this, it had to face armed opposition in the eighteenth century.
  • In 1921, women were banned from playing in the English and Scottish football leagues. However, this ban was lifted again in 1970.
  • Women who want to show their passion in football still have to face many difficulties.

Football in the 20th century

In the 20th century, sports began to need an organization that could take care of it on a regular basis. Many such meetings were organized by the English Football Association from which an international level organization could emerge. As a result, seven big countries of Europe, France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, together established the 'Federation International of Football Association' (FIFA) on 21 May 1904, whose first president was Robert Guerin.

Football in present

Football is being played on a very large scale during the tour. Many of its competitions have started taking place at national and international level. Apart from this, many football clubs have been established at national and international level. The biggest competition of this game is the Football World Cup. Many names like Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Neymar, etc. became famous all over the world in such a way that today's youth seems to be very conscious about this game.

Football games format

The objective of any team in this game is to score as many goals as possible during ninety minutes of play. There are eleven players in each team. During a 90-minute game, there is a break every 45 minutes, which is called half time. This half time is of 15 minutes. After this the time continues continuously for 45 minutes. If any player gets injured during this period, the game is postponed for some time under 'Injury Time'. After this the game starts again.

Modern football ball

In early times football was made from animal bladders. Over time, animal skin started being used on it, due to which its shape became fixed. In modern times, with the help of scientific technology developed, many better football companies have been established, which are making footballs keeping in mind the match, age of players, field etc. A soccer ball is a circular ball with a circumference of between 58 cm and 61 cm.

Rules of football game (Football rules)

Due to its development in many places from time to time, many rules were formed. However, at the international level it has been played according to time rules everywhere. As the game became popular, its rules were made in such a way that people of every country could enjoy this game. The rules are explained one by one below
  • Players and sports equipment: There should be eleven players in each team of this game. Among these eleven players, one is a goal keeper and the rest are outfield players. This playing field is usually 120 yards long and 75 yards wide. A 6 yard box is drawn in front of each goal. Both sides of the field should be decorated and maintained in such a way that one half of the field appears to be a mirror image of the other half. The equipment used in this game is mainly only a high quality football. However, apart from this, players wear football boots, padded gloves, shin pads etc. to avoid getting injured.
  • Scoring: To score a point in this game, the ball has to reach the goal post of the opposing team. This goal has to be scored within 90 minutes of the game. Within this time, the team scoring more goals among both the teams wins. The height of a goal post is 8 feet and width is 8 yards.
  • Rules to win the game: To win any team has to score more goals than its opponent. Players pass the ball to their teammates with their feet and send it to the opposing team's goal.
  • The grass in the field is either artificially or naturally grown. The field is marked in the form of a quadrilateral. Also, two six yard boxes are made near the middle circle.
  • Each team can nominate up to seven additional players for a match. Additional players can be substituted for the players already playing at any time during the game. The total number of players in the field at any time is only 11.
  • There is one referee and two assistant referees in every match. The referee conducts timing, fouls, free kicks, penalties etc. during the game. Before taking any decision, the referee usually consults with the assistant referee once. During the game, the assistant referee takes care of off side, throw in etc.
  • If the game still requires more time after 90 minutes, an additional 30 minutes is added. This extra time is divided into two parts of 15 minutes each.
  • If the game is not decided even after extra time, then a penalty shootout takes place. For the goal to be completed, it is essential for the entire ball to cross the goal line.
  • During a foul, the referee can throw a player off the field by showing him a red or yellow card depending on his mistake. Yellow card is a kind of warning and red card gets the player out of the field.

Offside rules ( Football offside rule)

If an offensive player lines up in front of the last defender and a pass is played by other players, an offside call may occur. Generally offside is designed this way. That no player should stay near his opposing team for long for a call. If the attacking player tries to block the last defender by standing in front of him, an offside call is made and the defending player gets a free kick. The goalkeeper cannot be caught as the last defender. If the offensive player is standing in front of the defender and the ball is played backward, there is no offside call.
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